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Clean-up coach: the expert for tidying up and organising

ordnung machen

Ever heard of a "Professional Organizer"? This profession actually exists. People who do this job help others to sort out and organize things.

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Why storing? These are the reasons of our customers

warum einlagern

There are many reasons why someone rents a storage room. We have asked our customers what they actually use their storeroom for.

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How customers experience our Self Storage


Material storage for a cleaning company

Lager für Putzfrauenvermittlung

The cleaning company Putzfrauenvermittlung Zürich uses placeB Self Storage as material storage. We talked to the owner Monika Ursprung.

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Storage boxes for schools and companies

Powercoders Graduation in Basel

Several schools use placeB Storages to store training material. One of them is the organization POWERCODERS, which teaches programming to fugitives.

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