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Open house in Lenzburg

Lagerraum Lenzburg besichtigen

On Friday, May 3, 2019 you have the opportunity to visit our newest, top modern Self Storage Center from the inside. Experience on our open day how our storage boxes can be opened by app.

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What makes a good storage location

Fabio Frei

placeB has opened its 20th Self Storage Center in Lenzburg. Fabio was project manager for the construction of the site and had previously been involved in the realisation of all the other storehouses. In an interview he explains what makes a good location and the challenges he faces in his job.

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Storage center has opened in Lenzburg

Lagerraum in Lenzuburg mieten

Finally the Canton of Aargau! placeB has opened its 20th Self Storage Center in Lenzburg. Visible from the motorway and within walking distance of the train station.

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What to do with all the kids' stuff? Put into storage?

mamarocks testet Lagerraum

What if the apartment bursts at the seams? What to do with the children's clothes that are too small for the older one but do not yet fit the younger one? A mother and blogger tested placeB.

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How to ensure access to your storage space

Stelle Lagerraum Zugang sicher

Access to your storage space via app is very easy. You only have to consider a few points, so that you never stand in front of closed storage doors.

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