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Material storage for a cleaning company

Lager für Putzfrauenvermittlung

The cleaning company Putzfrauenvermittlung Zürich uses placeB Self Storage as material storage. We talked to the owner Monika Ursprung.

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Storage boxes for schools and companies

Powercoders Graduation in Basel

Several schools use placeB Storages to store training material. One of them is the organization POWERCODERS, which teaches programming to fugitives.

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Now storage is also possible in Zurich Seefeld


In the city of Zurich we have opened the 7th self storage facility - in the middle of the Seefeld district. The offer perfectly complements our existing storage locations in the Limmat city.

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Advertise your apartment for free

Wohnung vermieten flatfox

Are you looking for a new tenant or an intermediate lodger? The software of the young company flatfox massively simplifies the rental process. From the apartment advertisement to the application to the signing of the contract, everything runs digitally and can be completed in the shortest possible time. Exciting: advertising apartments is free of charge for private individuals.

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Open house in Lenzburg

Lagerraum Lenzburg besichtigen

On Friday, May 3, 2019 you have the opportunity to visit our newest, top modern Self Storage Center from the inside. Experience on our open day how our storage boxes can be opened by app.

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