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Self-Storage - What is it?

Lagerraum mieten

Have you ever wondered what Self-Storage actually is? Who uses it and what for? Here we explain everything you need to know about self-storage.

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How to pick up heavy items - 7 tips to avoid back pain

Hexenschuss beim Umzug

One wrong move and you've hurt your back. Spraining a muscle is no joke while moving to a new house. The bad news is, actually only athletes with well-trained backs should move furniture. The good news: With these 7 tips you as an avid amateur athlete can avoid the annoying lower back pain.

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How to find the right storage space size

Kinder- und Babysachen einlagern

An important question when it comes to self storage is: How much space do I need and which is the right storage space for me? With this guide you will find the perfect placeBox for your favourite items.

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Goodbye clutter - 5 tips to avoid chaos

Mit Zusatzkeller Chaos verhindern

Chaos - it can happen in every flat or house, anytime. Paper piles on the desk, the kitchen has seen better days and the bathroom is only a bath but no room anymore. With our 5 tipps, you can clean up easily...

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On your mark - get set - go! 7 tips for packing moving boxes

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Anyone who has ever moved knows that a lot can go wrong. For starters, trouble can start with packing itself. With our 7 tips your moving boxes will become professional boxes, ensuring a trouble-free move.

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