This is how the storage box rental at placeB works

Storage at placeB is quite simple. Get your private storage room with just a few mouse clicks.

This is how the storage box rental at placeB works

Storage at placeB is quite simple. Get your private storage room with just a few mouse clicks.

That only offers you placeB

Our self storage centers are split into private storage boxes. The following advantages can only be found at placeB.

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For every need

Choose any location and a storage box between 1m3 and 50m3

graphic 24/7

24/7 access to your items

The placeB smartphone app opens the doors to your storage box - around the clock!

Zutritt teilen

Share access possible

Grant access to your friends and family without being present.

Get to your storage box conveniently

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Book online

Select the location and the desired storage box and book easily online.

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Download our app

The app is the key to your storage room. You open the doors by clicking a button in the app.

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Store immediately

As soon as you have booked online, you can start storing. The storage boxes are accessible for you by app 24/7.

Not sure how long you need your storage box?

That's no problem at all. At the end of the minimum rental period, the storage box belongs to you until you cancel.

This is how it works with the minimum rental period

You can specify a minimum rental period when booking your box. Depending on the minimum rental period, our system will charge you a discount:

  • for 3 months there is a 5% discount
  • for 6 months you get 10% discount
  • for 12 months there is a 15% discount

The storage box is yours until you terminate

At the end of this minimum rental period, your contract will automatically be extended by one month, and you will continue to benefit from the rental period discount. The storage box is yours until you cancel the contract. You can cancel the contract at the end of the contract month, even on the last day. For example, if your contract runs until August 15, you can cancel it on August 15. Please note that you must empty your box by midnight. If you do not terminate, your contract will be extended until 15 September.

Lagerraum mit App öffne - so funktionierts

Open a storage with your mobile phone

At placeB, you don't need a key. You open the doors to the Self Storage Center and your storage box with your smartphone. Simply download the app, log in and open the storage with the slide button. This saves you having to hand over keys, you can't lose a key and you have access to your storage room at any time. You can also give friends and family access to your storage space at the click of a mouse. They can use their own smartphone to enter your box without being instructed by you.

All Self Storage Centers at a glance

Choose your storage box in your favourite storage locations.

Not quite sure?

We only want satisfied customers. That's why:

Lagerraum Besichtigung

Visit the storage box

Visit one of our Self Storage Centers before storage. We'll open the doors for you from our office. Contact us!

Risikofrei testen

Risk-free trial

You didn't book the right storage box? You can cancel the box free of charge within 7 days.

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How to find the right storage box

How much space do you really need? With the right storage size you can not only save costs, but also unnecessary hassle when storing.

This is how you calculate the storage size »


Inside placeB: this is what our storage rooms look like

Our storing boxes are modern, clean and dry. Convince yourself with our video...

Storage rooms from the inside »

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How to ensure access to your storage box

Access to your storage space is very easy. You only have to consider a few points so that you never stand in front of closed storage doors.

Ensure access to your storage box »

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • The storage rooms range from 1 to 50m3. There are different levels depending on the location.

How big are the storage boxes?

The storage rooms range from 1 to 50m3. There are different levels depending on the location.

placeB storage boxes compared to other providers

What's important to you when storing? We show you the advantages of placeB compared to other storage solutions.

placeB traditional self storage facility depot, garage
room size flexibly selectable check check
room size can be changed at any time check
flexible storage period check check
safe from water & humidity check check z.T.
controlled temperature check check partly
alarm secured, video monitored check partly
bookable online, immediately available check
24/7 access check partly
smartphone as a key check
enable access for other persons check
rental without deposit check
short notice period check check
Price per month (=10% cheaper than per week) check partly check