Move or throw away? Storage - 2.0

Umzugskiste: umziehen oder wegwerfen?

Store your treasures now and save 100Fr.!

We have enough space for your memories

Moving is tedious enough. There's no need to argue about whether your memorabilia from life before moving in with your loved ones can end up in your new apartment or in the "bucket". We have enough storage space for your memories and treasures, just around the corner, and as long as you want. From CHF 45 you can keep your memorabilia. Sounds like a plan?

Store memories!

"Bridle or throw away" is the question here - storing is the answer for personal memories from the old life in the old apartment. We will give you a one-time gift of 100 Fr. for your storage at placeB as a small start-up aid for your move and rescue for your personal belongings that no longer have any room in your new home. Fill out the form now and get your voucher code.

Get the 100 Fr. voucher for your storage room now!

Fill out the form now and we will give you 100Fr. once on your booking with placeB. Note: This offer cannot be cumulated with other discounts.