Zürcher Unterländer: New Self Storage in Bülach

Vue extérieure des espaces de stockage à la Feldstrasse de Bülach
The self-storage facility on Feldstrasse in Bülach is now open.

Book online - store immediately and around the clock: that's only possible with placeB.

Thanks to modern access technology, anyone who needs more space at short notice can store their belongings in a personal storage compartment at any time. A smartphone app opens all doors to the booked storage box.

This offer is now also available in Bülach. In September 2021, around 40 top modern storage boxes between 1m³ and 23m³ opened on Feldstrasse in Bülach South.

The Zürcher Unterländer reported on this.

Rent a storage room in Bülach

Download PDF of Article in the Zürcher Unterländer (German)

Zürcher Unterländer - Ouverture d'espaces de stockage à Bülach

The Zürcher Unterländer reported extensively on the new self-storage facility.