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Garde-meubles à Birsfelden
The result: this is what the ready-to-use storage space center in Basel Birsfelden looks like

The construction of a self-storage facility in one minute: In this video animation we show how an empty basement is turned into a storage room with storage boxes of different sizes.

What the video below summarizes very briefly was in reality a project of several weeks: the construction of a self storage facility. Before we started, our project team under the direction of Nico planned everything in detail. From measuring the space, designing the ideal mix of storage boxes and the arrangement of the storage units, to all fire safety measures and building permits.

After that we started. Over a period of three weeks, a team of three people processed the building material delivered from Belgium into a ready-to-use self storage hall. Walls and doors were set up, wire mesh was installed, a cable duct was installed and the locks in the boxes were fitted. An electrician also took care of the electricity and lighting. Last but not least, our specialists had to adapt the fire alarm system, connect all doors and locks to the placeB system and install the surveillance cameras.

Finally, the labeling and the final cleaning followed.

By the way, the storage room in Birsfelden near Basel is the 24th location that placeB has built - so we have routine. More storage rooms will follow soon!

youtube video

We thank our partner, HIAG Immobilien, for this great video.