Finally storerooms in Winterthur: More living space.

Vue extérieure du site de stockage de Winterthur Steigstrasse

More space for relocation, hobby, leisure, collection: in March/April 2017, placeB will open a Self-Storage Center at Steigstrasse 26 in Winterthur Töss. With placeB you can easily rent private storage space and create more living space. And the best part: Until the official opening, you can store for free.

Storage in Winterthur. Secure, clever, 24/7.

Soon a new storage location in Winterthur Töss will be opened. It is located at Steigstrasse 26 and is very easy to reach via the motorway.

The location is directly accessible via a very large goods lift and has a loading and unloading zone. The storage facilities are located in the 4th floor and are accessible without landings. Storage boxes are available between 1 m3 - 50 m3. All rooms offer privacy (non-transparent), are clean, heated, protected by an alarm and all entrances are monitored by CCTV cameras. Here - as in every placeB location - customers always have access. Around the clock and 365 days a year. Perfect for furniture storage, home furniture, collections, storing clothes, textiles, archives, paper, files, etc.

Official opening March/April 2017. But for you it's already open!

We know space problems can be very urgent. And that's why we understand that there are situations where you need space IMMEDIATELY. That's why we offer to store your belongings with us until the official opening for half price. Contact us on 044 273 91 91 or via this form.

New home, moving in together, renovation, house building, and the timing is not working?

Moving to a new house or building and renovating often requires short-term storage space. In such a case, a placeB Box offers you the fastest, safest and most cost-effective solution to your temporary space problem. You simply book and open your storeroom online. Because your smartphone becomes the key to your storage box thanks to the placeB app, you can access your storage box immediately after booking, and at the same time, give other people temporary access to your storage box. For example, this way, your moving company can store or pick up your moving boxes without you having to be there. Here we show you how to use our app.

Space for your free time

Surfboards, golf equipment, collections or other recreational items have one thing in common: all these things are important for an active leisure time. They have to be accessible at all times, but don't really fit in the living room. placeB's storerooms can help here. Your hobby will find a new home with us and is accessible 24/7. You can breathe again at home and enjoy living space.

Space for productivity

Even smaller companies, clubs or SMEs can benefit: Folders, documentation, merchandise and small items can quickly take up a lot of space in the office or shop. With a self-storage unit from placeB, you can create time and space for more productive work, simpler processes and order.

Other storage locations nearby

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