To take with you or to throw away? To store!

Zügeln oder Kübel mit Kiste

Everybody has them, these boxes with memories (photos, letters, toys etc.). And with a change of home the question arises again and again: "to take with you or to throw away?" We say: There is also a life before the move and valuable memories should not be thrown away - that's why: store! But how do you find out what should and shouldn't be thrown away? - That's how it works:

Start moving with the three-box principle

Those who pack their things for the big removal will quickly notice: There are things that don't belong in the new apartment. With the three-crate principle, you can decide quickly and efficiently what to store, and what to leave. And that's how it works:

1. box - memories and useful things

The first box contains everything you want to keep. This includes sentimental memories and useful things.

2nd box - Useful for others

In this box come all those things that you no longer want, but are still needed or can be bought by other people. For example, well-preserved clothes are very popular at city flea markets or can be sold over the Internet. Maybe friends and relatives can use one or the other piece of clothing or some items.

3rd box - things to bucket

The third box serves as waste. You will be amazed at how much ends up in this box or in the second box. And what if that is not the case and everything ends up in box one? Then this trick helps: All the things from box 1 that you don't need urgently come to a camp for half a year and then the game starts all over again. Have you not missed some things? Then it's time to give these things away, to sell or to "bucket".