Storage space rental for beginners: tips for storage

Louer un espace de stockage : Déménagement
Stress-free storage: follow these tips when you rent a storage space

You're moving and you need temporary storage for your stuff? Or do you need more space for your belongings in the long run? Renting a storage space is a simple solution for your space requirements and offers you a high degree of flexibility. With the following tips you can optimise costs, time and your nerves 😊

1. Think carefully about how large your storage space should be

Of course it is comfortable to have a spacious storage area available. But keep in mind that a larger storage space costs more. Therefore it is worth calculating exactly how much space is actually needed. This is not always easy. Our storage box size guide will help you.

Important: Also consider which items you can unscrew and stack. Make sure that even your longest item fits into your storage space. And if you have to go to your things regularly, you will need some extra space to move around in the storage space

2. Choose the right location

Do you plan only one storage and retrieval? Then a storage space that is not quite so central but is inexpensive will probably do the job. But if you want to go to your items on a regular basis, it's worth thinking about the right location. It's best to choose a self storage facility near you or on your way to work. You can find an overview of all self storage locations here ❯

3. Pack your things properly

It is self-evident that our Self Storage facilities are clean and dry. However, experience shows that it makes sense to pack the stored goods properly. You not only protect it from dust layers, which naturally form after some time, but also prevent shards and scratches during transportation. Small objects in particular are easier to store in boxes. However, the boxes should not be too heavy and the weight should be distributed as much as possible. Label the boxes so that you can always find your things again.

4. Tidiness is half the battle

We call it "playing Tetris": by cleverly stacking your things and filling in all the gaps, you can save a lot of space and therefore money. Think about the things you need to achieve. Heavy and rarely needed things belong to the back of the storage space. Everything you need regularly should be placed near the entrance. A small passage in the middle makes it easier to access all your items.

Have you ever thought about renting two small storage rooms instead of one big one? This will allow you to divide your belongings up according to subject matter and possibly even store and retrieve them step by step without paying for all the space all the time. If you choose this option, we will be happy to discuss the price with you (two small storage rooms for the price of one large one). Contact us!

Extra tip: Authorize your relocation team to enter your storage space

Yes, you can, and it's easy! For almost all placeB storage systems, you control the access to your personal storage box with our app. Concretely: If you are standing in front of a door yourself, you open it with your smartphone. If someone else enters the storage facility for you, you can grant them access with just a few clicks. You decide how long this authorization is valid. The removal team can then store your belongings without handing over the keys.

As you can see, a Self Storage storage space is a comfortable solution for your space problem. Available quickly and around the clock, it is also suitable as a short-term interim storage facility during the relocation. Just pay attention to the few tips to ensure that storage runs smoothly.

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