Create more living space in the new year!

Stauraum - soviel passt in eine 1m3 Lagerbox

The year 2016 already belongs to the past and the first challenge is already set: The good old New Year’s resolutions. According to statistics from an Austrian research institute, the top 3 New Year's resolutions are: Be more active, live a conscious life and plan a healthier diet. These are all typical "global intentions": too specific and already forgotten by the end of January. Motivational psychologists recommend formulating goals that are as concrete as possible. A simple example would be: creating order on a fixed date, in a predefined space. Things you want to keep, but take up unnecessary space at home, you can just store at placeB. So, redeem that first New Year's resolution by creating more living space at home and storing for one month for free at placeB.

Create more order at home and store space-consuming items

Ski boots, Christmas decorations, the mother-in-law's unloved Christmas gift, and ... and ... and ... There are things that take away valuable space in your home that could be used for other things. Still you’ll need one or another item from time to time. Mother-in-law has expressed her delight over the (tasteless) decor gift she left for you under the Christmas tree and now you have to showcase it each time she comes around. The ski boots are needed for the weekend excursion to the Alps and also the Christmas decorations will definitely usher in the Advent season in December 2017 again.

The solution: Simply put space-consuming items in storage. Finally, you’ll be able to breathe in your home and create space for the new year. For this, a small test: Does everything fit into our smallest box (1 m3)?

So viel passt in eine 1m3-Lagerbox

The answer is: easy as pie! And a whole lot more will fit. But keep in mind, storing children is not allowed!

You'll be amazed at everything you can store there! Apart from the ski boots and Christmas decorations, you can also temporarily store summer dresses, freeing up space in the wardrobe for warm winter woolies. Simply book a small box on and enter the promocode "Ordnung2017". And the first month you get free. As reward for cleaning up, so to speak! (Promotion valid until January 31, 2017).

Setting a concrete goal

As already mentioned, it is important that you formulate New Year’s resolutions as concrete as possible. Motivational psychologist Veronika Job told the Tagesanzeiger in an interview that such intentions optimally have a "if-then structure". So, for example, "When Christmas is over, I'll be tidying my office on January 8th" or "Whenever I go shopping, I'll take the empty batteries with me" or "Anytime I buy something new, I'm going to store something else". The more concrete the formulated goal, the higher the chance one would see it through.

Creating a "maybe box"

If the goal is creating order and set a fixed date, it can start soon: Start 2017 with more space freed up! When tidying up the home and putting everything in its place, you might want to ask yourself a few things: "Keep, throw away or give away?" Making a decision here is not always easy. If you still need some time, you can create a "maybe box". Put items in this box that are not really useful at the moment, but you don’t want to part with. There may be many reasons for this: pleasant memories, you want to keep something for the children or grandchildren, maybe you can use the item next summer again ... whatever. If it's difficult to find a spot for the maybe box in your home, there will certainly be space for it in placeB. We’ll gladly store your belongings with great joy and you can take your time to decide on storing your things.

Enjoy order

Albert Einstein once said: "In a confusion, find the simplicity; in a dissonance find harmony; in the midst of the difficulties lies opportunity.” So, if you have found the simplicity of a tidy home during a state of confusion, you may and should enjoy the calm after the storm. As soon as you have created more space and order in your home, you can breathe freely again. The first New Year's resolution was fulfilled, and the first goal was achieved. Achieving goals feels really good, right?