The most bizarre searches on Google around relocation

Suchanfragen rund um Umzug

"Google" is a verb that has been used in everyday language for quite some time. We google ourselves through the internet and search for answers to all important and unimportant questions about life. It is therefore hardly surprising that people also google the topic of relocation for tips and tricks. We have put together a list of the most bizarre Google inquiries around the topic of relocation.

Attempt # 1 "Moving is ..."

As many of you already know, Google search is personalized. The previous search history and location are only two contributing factors here. The first attempt we start with the words "relocation is".

This first search result is rather special. At first glance it seems familiar: "Moving to a new house is no reason to cancel your gym subscription!". Becoming lazy after moving is therefore no alternative. But who would have done something as drastic? "Moving is almost like dying" - how macabre! The other search results are probably not all that amazing. Moving to a new home can be stressful, exhausting and rather expensive. That's probably not big news. To what extent relocation is a "matter of trust" is not immediately clear though. One can only assume that some people find it difficult to trust the helpers and furniture moving companies.

Attempt # 2 "Moving can ..."

The second attempt started with the words "moving can". Here, too, some of the search results one would expect but there were some funny combinations too. Whether or not the cost of moving can be deducted from taxes is a question many people are asking on the internet. Caring for pets seems to be another important issue: "Moving to a new house, the cat can no longer go outside". Here too most people agree that moving can be incredibly exhausting ... "I just cannot move to a new house anymore". If you start this search, forum discussions with the sentence "I just have to start venting" pop up. To ensure that your move is a bit easier and you don't have too much to complain about, we've put together tips & tricks on our blog.

Attempt # 3 "Moving must ..."

This search in the context of bizarre Google searches, is unfortunately a little uninteresting. People google for information that is understandable. Here are the results:


The car must probably be registered to the new address. It is obvious that you must deregister the old address and register the new one. The move always means big change for the little ones in the family. Therefore, the Google searches for changing the kids’ school seem clear.

Try # 4 pictures

It also becomes interesting when instead of searching for text we opt for pictures in the keyword "relocating" instead. It soon becomes apparent that Google groups the results according to categories. The first group is called "relocation chaos". Thanks to the text search we've already learned that moving to a new house is exhausting. But that it ends in chaos is a bit unexpected. As mentioned before, placeB has compiled many different tips on moving to a new house in the blog. The ultimate weapon to avert chaos is the comprehensive text with the moving checklists . If you follow this placeB guide, you will definitely escape the chaos. Guaranteed. The first image about moving to a new house, which pops up in Google indeed raises some questions. Because if you load your moving truck this way, even the best checklist won't guarantee anything ...



Many agree all over the internet that moving is in many ways exhausting and must be given a lot of thought. Besides all the useful search results, such as information on "re-registering the car”, “changing the kids’ school" or questions about the internet provider in the new home, there are also a few humorous searches. Our favorite result is the very first one that popped up: "Moving is no reason to cancel your gym." In the first instance, this request somehow implies that you could be the proud owner of a gym. Gym subscriptions are for beginners!

Second, it is still interesting to note what lies hidden behind this query. The top stories for this search lead to articles on Spiegel Online and FAZ. A German soldier went to court as he wanted to cancel his two-year contract with his gym on the grounds that he was relocating. Since he ignored the three-month notice period at the end of the contract, the termination of the contract was denied. The soldier took legal action and lost. What can we learn from this? Contractual notice periods are of the utmost importance even when moving to a new house. Make sure you are aware of the notice periods for example when canceling your rental contract.