This is us.

Mitarbeiter Foto

Agota - Queen of hearts

Beloved Agota helps our team as well as our customers. She occasionally indulges us with culinary masterpieces. Thanks to Agota our meetings have become feasts we all look forward to.


Fabio - Site Funnel Man

Fabio finds, plans and sets up our new locations, so that soon there will be a storage near you; bringing more space for your life.

Fiona 2

Fiona - Master of Social Relationships

Fiona is our social media voice. Apart from that she blogs about all aspects around space and placeB and fills our webpage with life.

Manolo 2

Manolo - Guardian of the holy brand grail

Manolo is our passionate brand manager. As the guardian of the holy brand grail he also ensures that all our locations are shiny and green, so they are easy for you to find.


Marco - The Spook

Marco is part of the duo «The Spook & The Ghost». As Nico he's on the move most of the time and responsible for expansion projects.


Marcel - Digital Conscience Assistant

Marcel is the assistant of IT-ship skipper Max and helps to keep our IT-ship fast and agile.


Max - Digital Conscience

Max is the skipper of our IT-ship. He keeps it fast and agile and simultaneously forms a valuable member of the placeB crew. At the same time he makes sure your digital interactions with placeB are as comfy as possible


Nico - The Ghost

He’s always on the move and almost never in the office - a ghost to almost everyone at the placeB. Nico is responsible for our new projects and leads all the expansion projects together with Fabio.

Phil 2

Phil - The Bill

Phil is our finance guru. Nobody conjures better spreadsheets than him and everybody at placeB knows: There’s more than one way to skin a cat and Phil knows all of them and his way is always correct.


Steffi - Vibe Manager

Steffi is our chief vibe manager. When she's not busy with that job she helps out with office administration and event management.

Terry 2

Terry - Visionieer-in-Chief

Terry is founder and chief of strategy. He’s always looking for new locations, is our networker and self storage pro with many years experience.


Tobes - Numbercruncher

He’s successfully leading us through the data jungle. Apart from that he’s responsible for paying and issuing invoices; our very own numbercruncher!