This is us.

Agota Dimen

Agota - Queen of hearts

Beloved Agota helps our team as well as our customers. She occasionally indulges us with culinary masterpieces. Thanks to Agota our meetings have become feasts we all look forward to.

Josefin Manaa

Josefin - the storage fairy

Josi, Josefin or Joe? Despite the many names, it is unique. With heart and soul she cares about the well-being of our customers and is committed to ensuring that everything runs smoothly during storage.


Cédric - the number cruncher

Cédi is our man for numbers and data. He juggles expenses, revenues and KPIs. At the same time, he is also the unbreakable boss of our team-internal betting game.


Dario - our evening star

If you have an urgent matter in the evening, you do not have to wait light years. Whether for technical support or advice on our products and services - Dario brings light into the dark at off-peak times.

Nico Zürcher

Nico - The Ghost

He’s always on the move and almost never in the office - a ghost to almost everyone at the placeB. Nico is responsible for our new projects and leads all the expansion projects together with Fabio.

Rebekka RIcken

Rebekka - Tech nerd and digital matchmaker

Rebekka is the skipper of our IT-ship. Furthermore, she connects everyone who needs more space with placeB. She introduces those looking for storage space with the appropriate placeB offer and ensures that it becomes more than just a brief contact.

Terry Fehlmann

Terry - Visionieer-in-Chief

Terry is founder and chief of strategy. He’s always looking for new locations, is our networker and self storage pro with many years experience.

Tobias Kaufmann

Tobes - Numbercruncher and Troubleshooter

He’s successfully leading us through the data jungle. Apart from that he’s responsible for paying and issuing invoices; our very own numbercruncher!