About us


Sandro – Master of disaster business administration

As Head of Operations & Marketing, Sandro is all about the customer journey and customer centricity. He also supports the management in strategic topics and projects of all kinds.


Dario - the finance guru

He has a knack for facts and figures and is very familiar with all aspects of company administration. Dario is a man who has everything under control without ever losing his cool!

Nico Zürcher

Nico - The Ghost

He’s always on the move and almost never in the office - a ghost to almost everyone at the placeB. Nico is responsible for our new projects and leads the expansion projects.


Lukas - The coordinator

Lukas is our project coordinator and is the man for all situations and always keeps track of all important dates, operations and projects. When things get hot, Lukas is our man to put out the fire and get the project back on track. In short: Lukas is our project superhero!


Milan - Business Developer with soccer flair

Milan has a deep understanding of the needs of the business and customers and ensures that expansion into new locations becomes an unforgettable adventure. With Milan, placeB becomes your new "place to be"!


Khalil - Project manager

Ready for any adventure, Khalil will not only be the project manager, but also the king of the boxes. His secret weapon? A coffee cup that is always full to the brim to keep his energy levels high.


Alexandra - In charge of marketing

Alexandra is the marketing magician who, with her creative mind, leads the company to success in the world of digital marketing. She also ensures that our customers receive suitable offers and solutions.


Bundu - MVP (Most Valuable Pup)

Our office dog is the undisputed star of the office. With her loyal eyes and wagging tail, she brings joy and positive energy to our daily work routine. And when she snags a few treats, she's happier than any CEO in the world!

Terry Fehlmann

Terry - Visionieer-in-Chief

Terry is founder and chief of strategy. He’s always looking for new locations, is our networker and self storage pro with many years experience. Terry has a talent for motivating his team and encouraging collaboration.

Tobias Kaufmann

Tobes - Numbercruncher and troubleshooter

Tobes is our multitasker. Not only does he structure our visions in spreadsheets and work diligently on financial plans, but he is also responsible for the operation of the sites, legal matters, administration and much more. He also makes sure that the team always has a smile on its face and turns working together into a party.