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ᐅᐅ 5 tips (+ checklist) for the first own apartment

Erste Wohnung Tipps

Is the move to your first own apartment imminent? The following tips will help you make a good start in your own four walls.

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How our Self Storage in Basel was built | placeB

Self Storage Lagerräume in Birsfelden.jpg

In this video we show how a self storage center is created - in one minute from an empty basement to a ready-to-use storage room.

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New storage rooms in the Basel area

Neue Lagerräume in der Region Basel

placeB goes to Basel! The modern self storage facilities will be available from August 2020. In our virtual tour you can experience the new storage units online.

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Are you planning to move? - The checklist for a stress-free relocation

Checkliste Umzug - was beachten beim Zügeln

It cannot be denied: moving is connected with great effort. Many administrative things have to be planned and done a few weeks before the removal. Even after the move is over, there are many small things to take care of.

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Setting up your home office systematically: 6 things you should know

Home Office Raumtrenner

Working from home has been part of everyday working life for many people, and not just since the Corona pandemic. Are you also planning to do your job more often in your own four walls? Good that you are here! Here are 6 tips on what you should look out for when setting up your home office.

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