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Packing moving boxes correctly: 10 tips for an efficient relocation

Umzugskartons packen

Anyone who has ever moved knows that a lot can go wrong. For starters, trouble can start with packing itself. With our 7 tips your moving boxes will become professional boxes, ensuring a trouble-free move.

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How to share your storage room with friends


Do other people have to go into your storage room? For example, moving helpers, family members or friends?

In this video we show how you can easily grant access permissions.

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Storage room access by cell phone - it's that easy

Video how to access the storage room with your smartphone

In diesem Video zeigen wir dir, wie du dein Handy als Schlüssel zu deinem Lagerraum benutzt.

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ᐅᐅ 5 tips (+ checklist) for the first own apartment

Erste Wohnung Tipps

Is the move to your first own apartment imminent? The following tips will help you make a good start in your own four walls.

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How our Self Storage in Basel was built | placeB

Self Storage Lagerräume in Birsfelden.jpg

In this video we show how a self storage center is created - in one minute from an empty basement to a ready-to-use storage room.

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