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Setting up your home office systematically: 6 things you should know

Home Office Raumtrenner

Working from home has been part of everyday working life for many people, and not just since the Corona pandemic. Are you also planning to do your job more often in your own four walls? Good that you are here! Here are 6 tips on what you should look out for when setting up your home office.

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Storage space rental for beginners: tips for storage

Lagerraum mieten Umzug

Do you want to rent a storage space? With just a few tips you can save costs, time and nerves. We show how easy Self Storage works.

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Tidy up the children's room - the new home schooling lesson

Kinderzimmer aufräumen.jpg

The schools are closed. Although this brings many challenges, the situation also offers opportunities. Maybe you would like to clean up the rooms with your children? We'll show them how it's done.

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7 Tips for your Home Office

Homeoffice Tipps

Millions of people have been working in the home office for a few days now. This is a challenge for many. The VPN does not work, the screen is too small and those who have children are at best only interrupted every hour. Besides all the challenges, home office also has something wonderful about it. You have the freedom to set up your home office according to your own taste and personal needs. To make your home office the perfect place for unbridled productivity and creative ideas, here are 6 tips for designing your home office.

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Creating lasting order - the 4 step plan that is definitely working!

Aufräumen und Ordnung schaffen

Tips and tricks for sustainable order

Tidying up and clearing out in just a few steps. A professional home organizer tells us how to create order is a simple task.

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