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7 Tips for your Home Office

Homeoffice Tipps

Millions of people have been working in the home office for a few days now. This is a challenge for many. The VPN does not work, the screen is too small and those who have children are at best only interrupted every hour. Besides all the challenges, home office also has something wonderful about it. You have the freedom to set up your home office according to your own taste and personal needs. To make your home office the perfect place for unbridled productivity and creative ideas, here are 6 tips for designing your home office.

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To take with you or to throw away? To store!

Zügeln oder Kübel mit Kiste

With these tips you will find the answer: take with you or throw away?

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7 tips for your first own home

Erste Wohnung Tipps

Soon it will be the beginning of the semester and many students will leave Hotel Mama and start looking after themselves. Do you also want to leave home and do not know exactly how to finance your furnishings? Here are 7 tips for low-budget furnishings.

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A place for all the family vacation stuff


The holiday season is soon over, and many families have spent the summer holidays somewhere on the beach, at the lake or in the mountains. Of course, there are always a few things that travel along on these holidays: the summer wardrobe and accompanying equipment for the kids and adults alike. But what to do with everything when you're back? – Summer dresses, children's toys and the tent can be stored.

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Video: How to find the perfect storage room

Lagerraum Grösse

An important question in the context of Self Storage is: How much space do I need and which is the right storage space for me? With this video tutorial you will find the perfect placeB box to store your favourite items.

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