On your mark - get set - go! 7 tips for packing moving boxes

Checkliste Umzug

Anyone who has ever moved knows that a lot can go wrong. For starters, trouble can start with packing itself. With our 7 tips your moving boxes will become professional boxes, ensuring a trouble-free move.

Tip # 1 It’s the material boys & girls!

It is crucial to use the right materials. You need to get hold of a sufficient number of cardboard and reusable boxes in advance. You can buy special boxes for books, clothing, etc. from professional moving companies or at the DIY store. Next you need adhesive tape that is 4–5 cm wide, cushioning material, tissue paper or newspaper.

Tip # 2 Systematic boxing!

Pack those boxes systematically! That means, heavy items at the bottom, light items at the top. It is also helps if the boxes are labeled or numbered. For example, label all boxes with living room items, accordingly to simplify allocating items within your new home.

Tip # 3 Shards bring good fortune, but not when you're moving into a new house!

Wrapping all your glass items in paper helps you avoid a sea of broken glass. It is a good idea to place glasses upside down in the box. Deep bowls, cups, and similar items should be packed individually.

Tip # 4 Pack books correctly

It is best to pack books upright. To prevent damage, do not pack too many books in a single box! This protects the books and your back.

Tip # 5 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest pictures of them all?

To ensure that your favorite art and baroque mirror arrive in your new home in one piece, you should pack your mirrors and books in bubble wrap and tape them up. Also be careful during transport! If possible, mirrors and pictures should be packed in the moving truck in such a way that they can’t move during transit.

Tip #6 Avoiding losing needles in a haystack

To avoid losing furniture hardware and keys, it is best to pack these items in small plastic bags and to attach these bags directly onto the respective pieces of furniture.

Tip #7 Storing boxes temporarily or long term

Do you have things you don't want in your new apartment right now? A box or a piece of furniture? Then you can rent a storage room in your area. You can easily store furniture or boxes and have 24/7 access to your storage at all times.

We wish you the best of luck with packing and moving! If you have any questions regarding how you can store furniture and other objects either on a temporary or longer-term basis, we would be happy to answer your questions personally by e-mail or at 044 273 91 91.