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1. What can be sold really well?

Like in all sales it is important to note: Is there a market for the product you want to sell online? We recommend that you first do some research and see if on Ricardo & Co. doesn't already have similar products for sale. Look at the prices of your fellow sellers and think about the price you want for your products. Also, good to know is that there is something like a top seller list of products that sell well on such online marketplaces. If, for example, you look at the "most popular" category in Ricardo, there are many electronics products in this category. These include iPhones, MacBooks, Dell computers and many different computer accessories. Electronic devices are definitely one of the best sellers in the classifieds market.

NetVoucherCodes.co.uk reports that eBay's largest electronics retailer generates millions in sales each month. The Swiss platforms of classified ads are smaller to eBay in terms of user numbers, but here too electronics seem to be among the best sellers.

Even fashion items whether used or unused are among the items that sell rather well. Especially popular are handbags and watches. When it comes to fashion, tastes differ, but as long as you do not want to sell something incredibly frayed, you'll certainly find a buyer.

In third place of good sellers - who would have thought: toys. Young and old love toys. Lego, for example, is among the top sellers in the toys category. Besides the little ones among us serious collectors are also interested in toys. A combination that is especially popular in the Lego category: Star Wars & Lego! So, if you have a Star Wars Lego kit at home, covered with dust in the basement; then off to the online classified ads! You'll at least get a tasty dinner from the money of the sale. Other toys such as model trains are also popular collectibles. Other popular collectibles on classified ad portals are turntables and vinyl records, as well as stamp collections.

2. What else should look out for?

It's important to find a suitable username for your classifieds profile. The usernames from your teens like Luki1988 are not suitable, at least not if want to sell goods regularly via classified ads. So, choose wisely! Something else not to forget in terms of classifieds: high-quality photos of your goods from different angles will greatly enhance your sales. Don't forget: Your customers can’t touch the goods. It is therefore all the more important to describe your products in detail. For example: If the goods are new or used? What upper material is used in the product? What are the dimensions? The more accurate your product description is and the better the quality of the photos, the better. The title is an important part of the product description. It should be less than 80 characters and as product-specific as possible. Words like "wow", "awesome" don't belong in a title. They actually look unprofessional and also distract the attention from the product. Never forget: There are thousands of ads on online classifieds platforms. As an active seller, you should try to stand out from the others, but in the most professional manner possible.

Besides standing out from the others and getting good reviews from customers, you should make the sales and shipping process as customer-friendly as possible. In practice this means: You should accurately inform your customers about the conditions for payment, shipping and/or collection. In addition, you should be ready to answer any questions about the products as soon as possible. Even if your product description is accurate, there are always potential buyers who want additional information. Also, don't forget: Once your customer has paid for the product, the item should be shipped as soon as possible. If you are reliable and fast, you have a great chance to become a premium seller in the classifieds business.

3. How can placeB help in your sales business?

Do you lack the space for a warehouse? placeB offers you the solution. In just a few steps you can conveniently rent a storage room at 20 locations in Switzerland. Here you can store packaging material and the like apart from your other belongings that take up too much space at home.

Compared to the basement at home or the garage, your placeB storeroom offers huge advantages. First: Your belongings are stored in a dry, CCTV-monitored location. When storing clothes, furniture or toys you want to sell in the basement of your home they could become damaged.

Second: Your storeroom can be easily opened using your smartphone and you can access it whenever you like. You can also share access to your storage with other people. This means that you could, for example, allow a courier company temporary access so that they can pick up and deliver goods to your storeroom without you being present. But you still always know who, was at your storeroom at what time. All you need is our placeB app.

Third: If your storage space is too small or too big, you can choose a different size. Canceling the old contract and signing up for a new one is a simple procedure using the placeB app.

What are you waiting for? The big classifieds business is hiding behind placeB's green doors! 🙂