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Packing moving boxes correctly: 10 tips for an efficient relocation

Packing moving boxes

Anyone who has ever moved knows that a lot can go wrong. For starters, trouble can start with packing itself. With our 7 tips your moving boxes will become professional boxes, ensuring a trouble-free move.

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Are you planning to move? - Checklist for a stress-free move

Checkliste Umzug - was beachten beim Zügeln

It cannot be denied: moving is connected with great effort. Many administrative things have to be planned and done a few weeks before the removal. Even after the move is over, there are many small things to take care of.

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Lots of space in a small home

Stauraum bei wenig Platz in der Wohnung

High and airy rooms, a large, spacious bedroom and a huge bathing oasis. These are things many would wish for within the confines of their home. However, in the housing market, things usually look a little different. The rooms are not quite as big, the entrance hall rather narrow and the bathroom is at first glance no wellness oasis. But, with good planning and a few tricks, even smaller apartments can be turned into very cozy homes. Here's how it works:

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Moving in together? – 5 Questions & Answers

Zusammenziehen Tipps

Moving in with your partner means: Getting to know someone from a completely different side. It can be beautiful and at the same time exhausting. To ensure that everything goes well - here are 5 questions and 5 answers.

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Video: The best tips to keep your removal helpers happy


Efficient helpers are indispensable for a successful move. Hiring a professional company that packs, tows and transports your boxes is one way to make the move to your new home. But would you rather prefer to do the moving yourself? Then you have to be a good house-moving host! Our video blog will show you some simple tricks on how to get your friends and family to help and make the exhausting "relocation day" the funniest day of the week.

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