From your property to a self-storage unit

You are a real estate owner and have an empty space that is suitable for self storage? placeB builds and operates storage facilities of real estate partners.

From your property to a self-storage unit

You are a real estate owner and have an empty space that is suitable for self storage? placeB builds and operates storage facilities of real estate partners.

What is Self Storage and how does it work?


Self Storage offers the ideal solution for space problems and organized storage.

With Self Storage, individual storage units are rented for personal or business purposes. A key advantage of placeB's storage units is that customers have unrestricted access to their storage units around the clock, 24/7, via an app. The variety of available space sizes makes it easy to find a suitable solution for individual needs - whether for temporary storage during a move or as a long-term solution for additional storage space. Transparent pricing and the ability to flexibly adjust the rental period make self storage a cost-effective and convenient solution for anyone who needs more space.

Our success stories


placeB currently operates more than 40 self-storage locations in Switzerland, making it the clear number 1.

Over the past 8 years, placeB has built up a great deal of expertise in the operation and marketing of small storage spaces. We are proud to be able to count on well-known names in the Swiss real estate industry and to operate space from their portfolios as self-storage. Our long-standing partners include UBS AG, HIAG AG, Procimmo AG, Norwood, Mobimo, Alfred Müller AG and many more.

Alfred Müller

"As the owner of a profitable real estate portfolio, we have multifunctional properties that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The demand for flexible and secure storage options is high and is reflected in high occupancy rates and stable income. Whether in the evaluation, construction management or the subsequent marketing and operation of the site - placeB is a committed partner with comprehensive expertise in the self-storage sector. Our diverse offering at placeB is spread across several locations in the canton of Zug and ranges from parking spaces for larger vehicles to containers for storing items and classic storage boxes in various sizes. We look forward to more success stories together with placeB."

Alfred Müller AG

Our service

placeB is a booking platform for storage space. All processes, from booking to access to the storage, are digital and are carried out via a web application ( ❯ How to rent a storage room). placeB is the Swiss leader in the marketing of storage space and ranks in top positions in search engines.

As a cooperation partner of real estate owners, placeB offers the following services.

Icon Marktanalyse Self Storage

Evaluation of market potential

placeB assesses the potential of the respective project based on demographic and market data, as well as empirical values from over 40 existing self storage locations.

Icon Ausbau Lagerraum

Conversion and expansion of the space into an unmanned placeB Self Storage location

As soon as the property owner and placeB are convinced of the potential of the location, placeB takes over the entire project management.

This includes the following points:

  • Creation of an optimal storage space layout optimized for the project
  • Structural clarifications and submission of the building and advertising application
  • Material procurement and site preparation for the tenant fit-out
  • Construction of the self storage units and the electrical installations for autonomous operation
  • Installation of the monitoring & alarm system
Icon Self Storage Operations

Marketing of the storage units and operational management

Once the project has been completed, the operational business is launched. From customer acquisition and customer consulting to technical support at the location and collection, placeB takes care of everything.

Optimal conditions for self storage

In principle, there are opportunities for a placeB Self Storage concept almost everywhere. Ideally, these factors should be met:

✓ Location and visibility:

Urban and non-urban location on a well-frequented street. Self storage is suitable as a complement to co-living, co-working or similar concepts.

✓ Catchment area:
30,000 inhabitants should be reached in 15min by car or on foot.

✓ Visibility:
Signage option around and on the building.

✓ Accessibility:
Easy, short and step-free routes to and within the building until the customer reaches their storage space. The entrance to the building and to the area where the storage rooms are located should have electric locks or the possibility to retrofit them. 24/7 accessibility.

✓ Surface area:
From 100m² to 2'000m² (optimal areas are between 350m²-1'000m²) depending on location. The room must be dry.

✓ Room height:
A room height of 3.00m is aimed for. Neither a fire alarm system nor sprinklers are required for the installation of self-storage.

✓ Floor:
If possible on the ground floor, if basement or upper floor a goods lift is required (W 140cm x L 220cm).

✓ Floor load:
At least 400 kg/m2

✓ Loading and unloading:
Access for cars and trucks (depending on the size of the location). Covered loading and unloading area.

✓ Parking spaces:
Depending on the size of the location, 1-3 parking spaces are required.

Do you have any questions?

We are available to interested real estate owners for questions without obligation.