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At placeB, you control everything with your phone – even opening doors and booking a storage box!

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Storage makes moving easier

Does the timing of moving not always line up? Your new flat isn’t ready yet or you’re about to go abroad for a little while? At placeB you can find a secure and dry temporary home for your things. You can easily book your self storage unit on line and flexibly choose the duration you need it for; placeB offers contracts starting at one week and are also glad to help with moving.

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Space consuming hobby? No worries!

There are things we love more than anything else, but just take up too much room in our homes. Do you have a cumbersome hobby and loved ones have started to complain about the amount of space it takes up rendering your home more of a hobby-room? A storage unit at placeB will offer the perfect new home to your equipment for sports, crafts, collections or seasonal products such as carnival-costumes, and all of that close to you.

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More space for your company

Day to day work will always lead to clutter which takes up valuable space where you could be working. Where do we store our company archive? All that material for business fairs doesn’t look good in the corner of your office either. In a placeB storage box, you can find space for all of that, clearing up your workday once it’s gone. And the best part: You can share your placeB Box with your co-workers as well as allow deliveries to be placed directly in your box.

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Frequently asked questions to placeB storage room

  • placeB is available to anyone who needs flexible extra space – either private individuals or companies and associations.

Who can use placeB?

placeB is available to anyone who needs flexible extra space – either private individuals or companies and associations.

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Here's what our customers have to say:

Bild Testimonial Evelyne M., Zürich

Evelyne M. Zurich

"I didn't know exactly how much space I needed. The placeB staff were extremely flexible and helpful and found the best solution for me."

Bild Testimonial louis portal

Louis P. France

"I relocated from Bordeaux to Zurich with my job. Now I live in a shared apartment and some of my furniture lives at placeB."

Bild testimonial tamara

Tamara W. Altstetten

"Moving to another apartment wasn't an option after the birth of our daughter, so we put some of the things that we didn't use so often into a placeB box."