Self-Storage - What is it?

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Have you ever wondered what Self-Storage actually is? Who uses it and what for? Here we explain everything you need to know about self-storage.

Self-Storage is a system that allows people and businesses to rent storage and store their belongings for which they have no room. Very important: Everyone can use self-storage! Families, couples, singles, students, but also entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, SMEs or large companies.

Why do you need self-storage?

Private individuals...

There are many reasons for storing things or renting a self-storage unit at placeB . For example, if you move into a new home or house, but the new home is not completely ready, and you need to store your things somewhere else. Many people use Self-Storage for this reason! Or maybe you are repainting the living room or completely renovating? - To ensure that nothing happens to your favorite furniture and other things during the renovation, they can be temporarily stored in a self-storage storeroom. It is really inconvenient to try and squeeze in the bulky sofa from the living room and the boxes full of bits and pieces in your bedroom while repainting the living room. Storage with Self-Storage is a much better solution! It gives you more living space in your home! The same applies in tight spaces. Today apartments are more densely built, especially in cities, where space is becoming increasingly in short supply. It therefore makes perfect sense to keep only that what you need every day in your home. Things that are used only seasonally (sports equipment, Christmas decorations, winter clothes, etc.) can be kept in a Self-Storage Box nearby. The same applies to collections, hobby equipment etc. Because placeB storage facilities are spread all over the city, there is always extra room nearby. And all placeB boxes are freely accessible to customers at all times. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All year round. Easy and always. You will see how liberating it is to have more living space.

... and companies!

Self-Storage is not only for private individuals, but for companies too. Our business customers use placeB boxes as archives for storing anything from documents to Christmas decorations. Some customers rent our storage rooms long term while others use them temporarily. Many companies also use Self-Storage to supplement their own storage selectively; for example, to compensate for fluctuations in space requirements. Basically, the company warehouse is used first, but if space runs out, the required space can be rented flexibly according to their needs. This means, just as much space for exactly as long as necessary. It does not get any more efficient. A big advantage of placeB is that the storage is accessible 24/7, which means any time of day or night. Access to the placeB boxes as well as opening and closing the storerooms is easily controlled using the free placeB app . This allows a company to determine exactly who has access to the rented storage and when. This way, employees who require access can be granted access. This access control increases the application of Self-Storage boxes: salespersons, promotional or service staff always have access to the documents they need. Brochure or promotional material, service material or spare parts: Long detours or waiting times are eliminated and staff can access the material outside office hours.

What can be stored?

No, you can’t store your mother-in-law. But almost everything else. All storerooms are dry, clean and safe. They are therefore suitable for storing of all kinds of stuff. In general, the following applies: You can store everything in the placeBoxes that common sense allows. However, you may not store poison, explosives, perishables, illegal substances or living things and nothing that emits an odor.

Who can rent a Self-Storage unit and what do you need to do this?

Is Self-Storage something that can make your life easier? - Then you'll be delighted to hear that absolutely anyone can rent a placeB box for storing items. Self-Storage is the perfect solution for those who want to create order, space and storage in their home or business. Renting a placeB box is super-easy and can be done around the clock! All you have to do is download our app, register, choose a location and you can start storing. All you need is a smartphone with internet access. Your smartphone is the key to your box and access to the building.


PlaceB offers safe, dry and heated storage near you. Click here for the locations. All storage units are secured by an alarm system and CCTV surveillance. What else should you consider? You must buy insurance against theft, fire, and water damage. Stored items can be insured with us. A cross in the contract is enough and the costs amount to 6 francs a month per 10'000 francs, which is more favorable than household insurance. Another option is to contact your home contents insurance. If you need help in transporting and storing your belongings, we will gladly assist you to find the right service provider. So, if you need space and storage, don’t hesitate to contact us! We'll be gladly assist you in finding the right location or placeBox size.

Have fun storing!