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ᐅᐅ 5 tips (+ checklist) for the first own apartment

Erste Wohnung Tipps

Is the move to your first own apartment imminent? The following tips will help you make a good start in your own four walls.

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7 Tips for your Home Office

Home office tips

Millions of people have been working in the home office for a few days now. This is a challenge for many. The VPN does not work, the screen is too small and those who have children are at best only interrupted every hour. Besides all the challenges, home office also has something wonderful about it. You have the freedom to set up your home office according to your own taste and personal needs. To make your home office the perfect place for unbridled productivity and creative ideas, here are 6 tips for designing your home office.

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Old school is cool: Vinyl records

Schallplatten aufbewahren

Vinyl records remain a niche product, but the once-dead noble, black disc has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years. Wolfgang Rieple stated back in 1913 with his so-called "Rieplischen law" that media are hardly displaced; new media is merely complementary and expanding. So even record lovers were not entirely sidelined. The NZZ notes that record sales have been steadily rising for a few years while it is estimated that vinyl sales almost doubled between 2012 and 2015. To the boom and its effects:

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Create more living space in the new year!

Stauraum - soviel passt in eine 1m3 Lagerbox

The year 2016 already belongs to the past and the first challenge is already set: The good old New Year’s resolutions. According to statistics from an Austrian research institute, the top 3 New Year's resolutions are: Be more active, live a conscious life and plan a healthier diet. These are all typical "global intentions": too specific and already forgotten by the end of January. Motivational psychologists recommend formulating goals that are as concrete as possible. A simple example would be: creating order on a fixed date, in a predefined space. Things you want to keep, but take up unnecessary space at home, you can just store at placeB. So, redeem that first New Year's resolution by creating more living space at home and storing for one month for free at placeB.

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Zurich needs that much living space - tendency rising

Wohnraum Zürich

According to a publication by the city of Zurich, the need for residential space in the city has increased by around 11 square meters since the 1970s. Today's city residents claim an average of 41 square meters of net living space, which corresponds to an increase of around 40 percent. Since the beginning of the 2000s, however, a new trend is becoming apparent.

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