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To take with you or to throw away? To store!

Zügeln oder Kübel mit Kiste

With these tips you will find the answer: take with you or throw away?

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Sale, Sale, Sale and everything new!

Kleider lagern

In the middle of summer, you can get summer clothes and other summer equipment at bargain prices at retail stores. Have you gone a bit crazy with the shopping and now there's too little space in the closet? - We'll show you three points on how to keep your wardrobe clear despite the summer sale.

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ricardo, & Co. - Your placeB box as a sales warehouse

Sachen einlagern

KVendors of classifieds, like Ricardo, or eBay, are booming. Have you ever thought of selling things you no longer need on Ricardo or tutti & Co.? Maybe even distribute products from your sales business through these platforms? We'll show you how to become a "professional Ricardo seller" or " seller" using your placeB storeroom.

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Let's buy this and keep it!

Kaufen und einlagern

Buying is consumption. But what does consumption mean, and where does the term consumer society come from? This article addresses this question and goes on: Today, ideas of the "shared economy" are used as a kind of counterpoint to the consumer society. The credo here is: "Sharing is caring" - for example, we share cars, living spaces, offices or storerooms at placeB. This also goes along with the idea that we don't waste endless resources and once again keep something instead of throwing it away. And so it happens....

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Bicycle Spring - Let's go!

Fahrrad einlagern

Spring has officially started. The days are getting a bit warmer and longer. Even if it is still a little bit chilly from time to time, you can never get your bike ready soon enough for the first warm spring days. We'll show you how to spring check your bike, where the most beautiful bike rides around Zurich are, and how you can cleverly pack your bike and accessories.

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