How to pick up heavy items - 7 tips to avoid back pain

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One wrong move and you've hurt your back. Spraining a muscle is no joke while moving to a new house. The bad news is, actually only athletes with well-trained backs should move furniture. The good news: With these 7 tips you as an avid amateur athlete can avoid the annoying lower back pain.

1. Tip: The right posture is key

Yes, it's true. Moving to a new house, pulling and picking up boxes and furniture is never the most relaxing way to spend a weekend. But apart from that it also puts a lot of strain on your joints and back. Therefore remember, when lifting heavy objects, kneel down and keep your back straight. The right posture to move furniture will help to prevent back pain.


2. Tip: Embracing or rolling

Carry heavy loads close to the body. You should therefore hold the box tightly against your body, so that the weight of the box is distributed as evenly as possible on your limbs. Or even better: Roll instead of carry! Be it your old skateboard, wheelbarrow from the garden or a professional trolley: With these little helpers you'll spare your back.

3. Tip: Stay out of the cold!

Moving usually involves muscle power, and shortly after the first drops of sweat begin to trickle down your back you want to take off your sweater and/or T-shirt. But keep in mind your back should always be completely covered so that your muscles remain warm. Therefore, you should stay out of a cold draft! Therefore, for girls: The so-called "crop top" exposing your tummy is not the best attire for moving to a new house. And guys: Going shirtless is not a good idea either. Keep your relocation-ready six pack for midsummer at the beach.

4. Tip: Take breaks!

Breaks are important for your body and also to keep up the spirit. So, sit down now and then, treat yourself to a snack and relax. It will work wonders if you stretch your back muscles while taking a break! It will give you an extra boost of power to start moving more boxes and furniture around.

5. Tip: From amateur athlete to super athlete, or: Train your back!

As noted before, only super athletes should carry or move heavy items. And yet, even the back of an amateur athlete can get hurt. So, to prevent lower back pain after carrying the first three pieces of furniture, you can physically prepare yourself by exercising your back muscles before the day of the move. We have found the 10 min workout for your back.

6. Tip: Let others do the carrying!

Its logical if you think about it: Letting others do the carrying is pretty much the most effective way to avoid back pain. Would you prefer to hire a moving company and at the same time store some boxes with us? We're happy to help you find the right company to bring your belongings to your placeB storage box.

7. Tip: Carrying furniture up several floors? - storing is better!

Do you have items for which there is momentarily no space in your new home? With placeB, you can easily rent storage room from your smartphone and temporarily store your belongings. This will give you more space in your home and you can visit your stored items anytime you like (24/7).