7 tips for your first own home

Erste Wohnung Tipps

Soon it will be the beginning of the semester and many students will leave Hotel Mama and start looking after themselves. Do you also want to leave home and do not know exactly how to finance your furnishings? Here are 7 tips for low-budget furnishings.

1. Check what you need

First, it helps to create a checklist: What do I really need now and what can wait? In the first week of freedom in your own home it does not need to be perfectly furnished. You can wait a little for all the furniture and the decorative details. This will allow you to find original and inexpensive furnishings. However, so that the first few days in your own home don't become a struggle for survival, you should take along the following basics when you move into your home: Bed, a few chairs, table, dishes and cutlery. And don't forget: lamps! You do not want to spend the first hours in the new home in the dark, right?

2. Set priorities

Once you know what you still need, a priority list can help. If you do not have a cuddly bed yet, you don’t have to look for the perfect decorations yet. A first possible point of contact for useful and cheap furniture is your relatives. Perhaps over the years, pieces of furniture have accumulated in your parents' or in relatives’ houses, which they'll gladly hand over to the younger generation.

3. Bargain from the thrift shop

Thrift shops often have a large selection of inexpensive furniture and crockery. If you like browsing, you've come to the right place. From time to time, you will find original and beautiful decorative utensils, such as vases, pictures and more, between all the other bric-a-brac. But also, with second-hand shops the following applies: You must compare prices! Not everything that comes second-hand is automatically cheap. Sometimes you can still negotiate the price, for example, if you buy a table and chairs together.

4. Liquidations: a goldmine for bargains

In restaurant liquidations or business liquidations, there are often good-quality goods for sale for little money. However, these are also highly sought after and are quickly snapped up. That's why it's important to be there on time. Information about impending liquidations is usually advertised in the press or online.

Extra tip: If you got your first bargain furniture long before the planned move-in and don't know where to put it in the meantime... at placeB you can conveniently rent a storage room. Your belongings will be safe and dry there until you officially move in.

5. Classified ads

On Ricardo, tutti & Co. there are always bargains to be found. Sometimes people even want to give away furniture for free. If you have the time to browse... it is usually worth the effort. When looking at "free furniture", you should check the condition properly. From time to time furnishings are given away to save on the disposal charge.

6. Do it yourself: Construction and hobby center

If you like to get your hands dirty in your first home, you can get stylish furniture from the hardware store. For example, you can turn simple wooden boxes into a new coffee table or even an interesting bookshelf. And this is what it can look like:

Extra tip: On Pinterest there are many funny instructions on how to make inexpensive home furnishing yourself.

7. Treasure trove in the furniture store

Many larger furniture stores have a kind of treasure trove. There you’ll find exhibition models or slightly damaged furnishings for little money. Slightly damaged items could be repaired with little effort.