placeB Tech products

Software and hardware components for storages

placeB offers a range of software and hardware components that make running an unmanned, autonomous storage site easy and hassle-free. They can be employed individually or in combination with one another.

Self Storage booking system

Reservation system

The reservation module allows your centralised operations to support customers and monitor behaviour to improve automation. Find out more »

Self Storage App

Customer App

The customer facing applications allow your customers to book and manage their storage units autonomously. Find out more »

Self Storage Iot

Internet of Things

The IoT Infrastructure and backend allows the access to the site, management of sensors for movement, locking, humidity and temperatur etc. Find out more »

Each of the layers represents a stand alone technology to address individual needs of different storage providers. They are built to work in combination with one another but can also be used individually.

Reservation Module

Our software specially developed for Selfstorage allows centralized customer management.

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Self storage optimised ERP

placeB's storage manager is a feature rich, out of the box storage solution which answers all of your storage needs.

  • Website and app integrations
  • reservation management
  • multiple site management
  • pricing, dynamic pricing, discounts & vouchers
  • and more...


  • full overview of customer relations
  • churn and yield management
  • real time support from the placeB expert team

Installation / Requirements

  • via API or direct access
  • access can be installed within 1 working day

Customer App

placeB has developed a react native app with which customers can access their storage. This is the only fully digitalised solution currently on the market.

  • No paper contracts
  • No keys
  • No Bluetooth
  • Fully remote managed storage units


  • iOs and Android compatible
  • access, account management, sharing and payment through app
  • whitelabel or placeB branded
  • new features delpoyed constantly

Installation / Requirements

  • itunes / google account

IoT Chip

The placeB IoT module allows customers access, reads sensor data and manages the remote locations.



  • Quick and easy to install; all you need is power & internet
  • Connected; constantly monitored and managed remotely through MQTT protocol
  • Simple; easy to use cloud based interface for setting up and managing location infrastructure
  • constantly getting smarter; over the air updates ensure you benefit from new developments immediately, or whenever you choose.


  • no more staff required
  • complete remote control of locations
  • automated alarming and monitoring
  • minimal installation costs

Installation / Requirements

  • Electricity
  • internet access
  • electronic lock