What can you store easily - and what rather not?

What can you store easily - and what rather not?

There are many things you can store at placeB. But not all things are suitable for it. We create an overview of them.

We are always amazed at what our self storges are used for: the things that are stored are as varied as our customers themselves. In addition to furniture and household items, our storerooms contain wedding dresses from a bridal fashion store, parachute equipment, model trains, spare parts for medical equipment, film equipment and cleaning materials for cleaning companies.

Sometimes we also have to reject customers, because we do not have a storage room for every type of item. In the following we will show you which items you can store well with us - and which you can't.

This can be stored easily

Private individuals

The following items are suitable for storage in a placeB storage box:

Kleider einlagern

Store clothes

  • Clothes you're not wearing for seasonal reasons
  • Children's clothes you keep for the younger sibling
  • Clothes you only need for special occasions
Moebel einlagern

Store furniture

  • Furniture, which needs a place during the relocation
  • Furniture that you inherit and that you don't have room for right now
  • Furniture you don't take with you when you're abroad
Hausrat einlagern

Keep household goods

  • Household items that you only need occasionally, such as the fondue caquelon or the high pressure cleaner.
  • Household items that you and your roommate have doubled since you moved in together.
Wein lagern

Store wine

Place your own wine rack in our storage box and store your fine wines until the ideal ripening time is reached.

Kunst lagern

Store art or a collection

  • Your pieces, which simply have no place at home
  • Works of art waiting for a buyer
  • Photo albums you keep for the next generation
Kindersachen aufbewahren

Keep children's things

  • Children's clothes that you still keep for the younger sibling
  • Toys that are not interesting at the moment
  • Wooden railway, which you keep for the grandchildren
Ausrüstung einlagern

Store hobby or sports equipment

  • Winter sports equipment
  • Tent and outdoor equipment
  • Record collection
Elektronische Ausrüstung einlagern

Storage of electronic devices and equipment

  • Film and photo equipment
  • Stereos or televisions that you own twice when you move them together
  • Machines that you don't need regularly, such as concrete drilling

Companies or associations

placeB storage room is also suitable for companies and associations - for example as an archive. The advantage: thanks to the sharing function, colleagues can also access the warehouse at any time.

Promomaterial lagern

Store promo / merchandising material

  • Giveaways, which you would like to store until the next fair
  • Advertising banners that are only needed for events
  • Promotional gifts, which you order in large quantities
Archiv Dokumente archivieren

Archive documents / files

  • Documents that you must keep during the retention period
  • Files which, for security reasons, should not be stored in the same building as the office (fire / water damage)

Tools / machines / spare parts storage

  • Spare parts and tools that your sales representatives can access at any time
  • Machines that are only used for specific orders
Europaletten lagern

Euro pallet storage

Euro pallets can also be stored in some placeB locations.

These things cannot be stored

Of course we can't accept all items in our storage facilities. Especially if they are dangerous, violate hygiene regulations or the law. It is therefore expressly forbidden to store the following items:

Gefährliche Gegenstände lagern icon

Dangerous objects

Such as toxic, flammable, explosive, radioactive or corrosive objects must not be stored

Verderbliche Gegenstände lagern icon

Perishable, odorous or moist objects

For example, we cannot accept food that spoils over time in our warehouses.

Pflanzen lagern icon

Animals and plants

Our camp is also not suitable for dead or living animals or plants.

Waffenlager, Waffe einlagern

Weapons or ammunition

placeB is not an armoury or arsenal. The storage of these items is expressly prohibited.

Drogen lagern

Things whose possession is forbidden by law

Therefore no drugs may be stored at placeB.

Where would you like to store? – find your storage box