UrbanBox - Areas for business and private persons in Lenzburg

Commercial space powered by placeB

UrbanBox - powered by placeB

UrbanBox powered by placeB

UrbanBox - Rooms for companies, associations and private persons

UrbanBoxes are spaces for small and medium-sized companies, associations or private individuals. They can be used flexibly as a production facility, as a workshop or studio, as a sales shop, as an office, hobby room or clubhouse. Thanks to the modular construction, the room size can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. Each UrbanBox is accessible through a large sectional door with service door and is operated completely autonomously.

UrbanBox in Lenzburg

In spring 2019 UrbanBox has opened in Lenzburg. The new building is located on Ringstrasse Nord 45 and can be reached within a few minutes from the A1 motorway.

UrbanBox at other locations

In the course of 2019 UrbanBox will open sites at further locations.

For more information, please visit https://urbanbox.ch/

placeB storage rooms in Lenzburg

In the UrbanBox building in Lenzburg, placeB rents out personal storage space to private individuals and SMEs. On one hand, the storage boxes are suitable as temporary interim storage for a rental period of one week or more. On the other hand, they can be rented on a long-term basis as a storage room or archive. They are available in different sizes from 1m3.

The modern storage rooms are equipped with the placeB access system: both the building and the individual storage units can be entered with the smartphone during 24 hours. Storage room tenants also have the option of activating access for friends, family members or business colleagues.

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