Moving boxes and moving material

In cooperation with the leading Swiss company for train material

Moving boxes and moving material

In cooperation with the leading Swiss company for train material

Order moving material conveniently online

Do you need boxes or protective covers to move your things and store them properly?

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Professional moving boxes

The right relocation box for every piece to be packed.

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Protective covers

A wide range of protective sleeves and covers.

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Various moving material

Various materials to facilitate the move.

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Umzugs-shop is selling moving materials since the year 2000. The online shop offers a large variety of moving boxes, protective materials and many other helpful moving materials. You have the possibility to order on account or, if desired, by partial payment. Shipping is done by Swiss Post and can be with you in just 1 business day after receipt of payment.

Zügeln oder Kübel mit Kiste

What to throw away?

When you move house, the question always comes up: "to take with you or to throw away?" We say: There is also a life before the move and valuable memories should not be thrown away - therefore: Store! But how do you find out what should and shouldn't be thrown away? - That's how it works »


How to keep your removal helpers happy

Efficient helpers are indispensable for a successful move. If friends and family are to help, you should be a good host! Our video blog will show you with some simple tricks how to motivate your helpers. That's how you motivate removal helpers »

Bild Umzugshelfer

Choosing the right moving team

Moving is exhausting, sometimes annoying and time consuming. However, to make sure that the crate and furniture hauling is as efficient as possible, you should think twice about which helpers you want on your move day. Best of relocation helpers »