Storage guide: This is how to store

Rent storage space

Optimal storage of personal belongings must be learned. We'll give you some tips & tricks to help you make the most of your storage space at placeB and to pack and transport your belongings

Boxes - How to pack your belongings properly.

When you pack the belongings you want to store, always remember: everything that is not covered may get covered by dust! Although placeB storerooms are always very clean, some dust will settle on belongings stored for a longer period. That is completely normal. Generally, it's best to pack your favorite belongings in dustproof boxes made from cardboard or plastic. Also, you should fill your containers in such a way that there is not a lot of room for things to fall around during transport. This way you'll save space in your placeBox and avoid damage during transport. Fragile items should be wrapped in newspapers or other protective material to prevent glass (and your heart) from breaking. In addition, make sure you distribute the weight inside the boxes as evenly as possible and that they are not packed too heavily. Your removal helpers would be very grateful for that!

To ensure that you always know what is stored in which box, keep a marker ready when packing and label your packed boxes accordingly. This will help you find items faster when visiting your placeBox.

Tools - What you should always have handy when storing in your placeBox.

Before packing your belongings for storage, you have the following ready: Cardboard or plastic containers, tape, bubble wrap, a tape measure and screwdriver. When packing, covering sheets or blankets are handy to protect your belongings from the elements during transport. To ensure that you always know where what is stored, we recommend that you label your cardboard boxes. Therefore, always have a marker ready.


Transport - what to bear in mind:

As with your boxes, it is also important that you distribute the weight in the moving truck as well and as evenly as possible. Always try to place heavy objects at the bottom and possibly along the sides. If you are transporting furniture with wheels, either mask the wheels or remove them for transport. Furniture rolling around in the loading area - not a good idea! Everything that can easily break can be protected with cushions and bubble wrap, for example.

It's also a good idea to ask friends to help you load the van. Then you can all play "Real Life Tetris" and enjoy a perfectly packed moving truck!

Pit Stop - What is important when storing in your placeBox.

It is important that you choose the size of your placeBox in advance correctly , so that there is enough room for all your belongings and you have space left to add to and remove items from your box. So, plan in advance and think carefully about what storage dimensions you need. placeB offers storage space of about 1 m3 to 30 m3. Once you've decided on a size, there are a few more things to keep in mind to get the most out of your storeroom in the placeBox. If you store furniture that can be taken apart, we recommend that you to do that. This will save a lot of space. Then cover the items with a blanket or a piece of plastic. It will protect against dust. You should place heavy objects, which you don't need that often, along the walls. Things you need more often should be packed near the entrance. Keeping a small aisle free in your placeBox can also help to keep your belongings within easy reach. Try to fill every other gap if possible. The drawers of your stored dresser can be perfectly used to store fragile, small items, clothes or files. Once your furniture and boxes have arrived at the placeBox, we recommend you always leave some tape and scissors or a small knife in the box. This will let you easily open and reseal your carton boxes. As you may have noticed, creativity during storage is a necessity!

You see: Self-Storage at placeB is simple! If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help! Contact us on our website via live chat or by phone on +41 44 273 91 91.