Video: The best tips to keep your removal helpers happy


Efficient helpers are indispensable for a successful move. Hiring a professional company that packs, tows and transports your boxes is one way to make the move to your new home. But would you rather prefer to do the moving yourself? Then you have to be a good house-moving host! Our video blog will show you some simple tricks on how to get your friends and family to help and make the exhausting "relocation day" the funniest day of the week.

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Tip # 1 Make sure you provide enough provisions!

When carrying the first crates and furniture the first drops of sweat soon start rolling over the foreheads of your poor helpers and after moving the third box they start to breathe a little faster. Helpers provide physical maximum power and should therefore also get enough food to eat. This means, you have to provide drinks and snacks! The best way to feed your helper friends is to give them a snack even before the start, for example, a coffee and croissant. For the rest of the day there should always be enough to drink (especially water) and a few snacks in between.

Tip # 2 Moving boxes must be packed and ready for transport

There is almost nothing more annoying than the following scenario: You have promised friends to help with the move, and on the agreed day, you arrive at the door only to see that nothing is packed yet. The moving boxes are not even assembled yet and are still waiting to be filled. Never do that! You'll only annoy your friends before the moving has even begun. So, make sure your stuff is neatly packed in labeled boxes and you know exactly where the boxes belong in the new home by the time your helpers arrive. It would also be a great help if large furniture that cannot be transported as a whole have been taken apart. It is not a necessity, but that's how you make your helpers your friends.

Tip # 3 Preliminary cleaning

If you and your friends move away the sofa and a thick layer of dust and popcorn from the last movie night appears, it is at first a bit disgusting but also not a particularly beautiful sight. For the sake of your friends, it's a good idea to thoroughly clean your home before moving furniture. It does not have to be perfect, only clean insofar as your removal helpers don't have to choke in the accumulated dust.

Tip # 4 Organize and plan everything well

It is no contest, if you organize and plan your move well, everything will be easier, and you will do everyone involved a favor. On the day of the move, keep the following in mind:

  • non-slip shoes and suitable clothes reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Check parking for the moving truck. Keep access routes clear.
  • Labelling moving boxes: Which box comes in which room? Which boxes should not be brought into the flat, but directly into the storage room? Post-it's in different colours may also help.
  • Expressly point out fragile, sensitive and dangerous objects to the removal team.
  • Take care when loading the van: Load last what is needed first. Clever stacking saves a lot of space. Secure sensitive items. Always pack heavy objects at the bottom.
  • Lights: Leave bulbs in some light sockets of the old residence. During daylight, install sufficient lighting in the new location.
  • Hang the furniture plan where it is clearly visible. It may help to number the rooms of the new home.
  • Attach name tags to the mailbox and door.
  • Property handover: Complete the complete moving-out report with the landlord present. Only note what is actually relevant.

Tip # 5 Introduce games with rewards

How about a little moving game to add some fun and distraction to the stress of moving? You can, for example, pack small rewards (chocolates, beer, snacks) into the moving boxes and, as soon as the box is in the moving truck, each helper can open his box and enjoy the reward. Too boring? We don't recommend racing down the staircase, but otherwise there are hardly any limits to creativity. So what ideas do you have? Your friends and helpers are looking forward to it!

Tip # 6 Take a (beer) break

Your helpers deserve a break at the latest after the first two to three hours of moving around boxes and furniture. When starting the morning of the day of moving, a snack with coffee and a croissant is a must. The infused caffeine and extra calories are a welcome boost of energy for the hard day of moving. After all, moving is exhausting! As soon as the energy boost of the morning starts fading, it's time for another break with sandwiches or something like that. The afternoon break should include a cold beer. If you and your friends don’t like beer, there are other alternatives: sparkling wine, Aperol, Hugo, white wine ... or just something non-alcoholic. The main thing is to have a refreshing break to regain motivation and strength for the final stage of the move.

Tip # 7 Dinner for the helpers

Yes, once your furniture and boxes have arrived in your new home, the moving day is not quite over yet. It should end in the most relaxing way possible, so you should continue to be a good host! At the helpers’ dinner, you and your friends can once again laugh about the mishaps of the move, review the busy day and enjoy the evening after all the hard work. The food does not have to be chef quality. A simple pasta dish or pizza would do just fine. So, if you have no energy and desire to cook, you can just order pizzas, for example. The main thing is, getting to eat something tasty and having a good time with friends.

Tip # 8 Saying thank you and promising a housewarming party

If your friends and family help you move, you can almost not be thankful enough! As we all know, moving is not always fun. At the end of the day, a thank you to everyone is incredibly important. If you still feel you want to thank them some more, you can plan and promise a house-warming party. If friends and family get the chance to admire your new home, after everything is set up ready and to top it all, they get served delicious snacks, they will certainly help you on your next move. Fun! A housewarming party is a nice touch for all your helpers and is a great opportunity to invite all your friends. So, enjoy the party!