Best of relocation helpers

Umzugshilfe - Umzugskartons packen

We'll tell you which relocation helpers you want with you and which not! Moving is exhausting, sometimes annoying and time consuming. However, to make sure that the crate and furniture hauling is as efficient as possible, you should think twice about which helpers you want on your move day. We introduce 5 types of helpers, one which you should definitely have; the others not so much.

1. Helper type: Endurance athletes and the musclemen

He or she impresses with muscular upper arms, which point to strength and endurance. Of course, both are qualities your relocation helpers should have. But be careful! Big muscles do not automatically equate endurance. For your move, you need strong helpers with endurance. So, if you can choose your potential relocation helpers, opt for helpers from both groups: Long-time endurance athletes and dumbbell-lifting fitness fanatics. This way you'll have the right helpers for every situation. For the heavy objects, muscular limbs and for moving lighter boxes over several floors there are the endurance athletes.

2. Helper type: The party animals

This type of helper must be avoided at all cost. Party animals promise you their help long before the time, but always have to recover from their partying in the 24 hours before the move. These helpers rock up at your home with little or no sleep and the traces of last night's party are still clearly visible on their faces. Besides, they usually arrive late anyway. They then rock up at your door only when all the boxes are already on the ground floor and then help you load your light down comforter. You would have managed without them! But they are still happy to join in the reward beer and the pizza with all the other helpers. Well, the only thing left to say is ... Stay away from party animals.

3. Helper type: The klutz

They are incredibly loving and helpful, but unfortunately were not first in line when fine motor skills were handed out. The helpers of the clumsy faction bring with them the auspicious shards you really wanted to avoid on the day of the move. You should also not ask this kind helpers to help you on your moving day. If they do not want to leave, or if you do not want to discourage these warm people, do the following: Let them carry some cheaper dishes or indestructible items and forbid them to approach your beloved tea porcelain.

4. Helper type: The all-rounder

They bring muscle strength, skill and organizational talent. Just perfect, you might think! To top it all, these helpers could even be 1980's Tetris champions. This comes in handy when packing all the boxes in your moving truck. In addition, they can help everywhere and know where help is needed. We hope you have such all-rounders in your circle of friends. That would be great! It will make your move a piece of cake; almost as fun as playing Tetris.

5. Helper type: The recruits

They are indeed busy helpers, but they are always waiting for you to tell them what to do next. It is very important to explain to them exactly what to do. If you don't tell them exactly where to put your stuff, they'll simply take the time to relax and daydream. And don't forget, they'll certainly be looking forward to that after-work beer from about the first hour into the move. The good news is, they’ll do almost anything to get to that golden sparkling water as quickly as possible. What it means for you: Keep the beer cold and as soon as you detect any laziness and lack of motivation just point to the cold beer. So actually, the recruits are perfect helpers!

Now we hope all these types of helpers are part of your circle of friends and you now know who you want to help you and who not. Good luck with your friends!

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