How to ensure access to your storage space

Make sure you can get into your storage room at any time

Access to your storage space is very easy via app. You don't have to care about handing over keys and you don't have to worry about lost keys. You only have to consider a few points, so that you never stand in front of closed storage doors:

Download app

Download the placeB app and log in with your email address and password. The iPhone app is on the App Store, the Android app is on the Google Play Store.

Confirm your phone number

Immediately after booking you will get an SMS. Click on the link in the message to confirm your mobile phone number. This security measure is mandatory to open your storage box.

Confirm your postal address

After booking, you will receive a letter from us to the postal address that you have registered with us. On the letter you will find a QR-code which you have to scan with your mobile device. Don't you have a QR code scanner? No problem, you can also access the URL in your web browser, which is mentioned in the letter.

Whichever way you choose, this address verification is mandatory. Otherwise, our security hot system will automatically lock your storage room after 10 days.

Pay invoice

Of course, it can happen that an invoice is lost. But we are also dependent on paid invoices. Therefore:

  • Make sure that your credit card is valid and covered. Go to your user account in our app to change your credit card number in our app.
  • If you pay the storage room by invoice: please make sure that all invoices are paid on time.

In case of open invoices, the system unfortunately blocks your storage box and only releases it after payment. The quickest way to do this is to deposit a credit card.

Further tips

You have carried out all the above steps and still can't get into your storage room? Check the following points:

  • Stable internet connection?

Please check if your mobile phone is connected to the internet. If you have poor mobile phone reception in our storage area, you can log in to our WLAN (name: placeB). The password is: morespace4yourlife. You can also find it on the information board at the entrance door to the storage rooms.

  • Restart App

It can happen that the app hangs up. In this case a restart will help.

  • Forgot your password?

No problem. Go to "Forgot password" in the app, type your e-mail address and confirm with "Reset password". Now you get an e-mail with a link where you can set a new password.

  • Slide buttons in the app - don't press them!

To use the door opening buttons in our app, you have to move them from left to right. Attention: the doors can be opened from anywhere. So don't open the storage room until you're standing in front of it!

  • Problems with the elevator ?

Please make sure that there are no objects in front of the door sensor, otherwise it will block. With some goods lifts it can happen that a co-user has not closed the lift door properly on another floor. In this case, you must use a staircase to check which floor the lift is on and close the door correctly.