placeB brings self storage to Limmattal

Exterior view storage rooms in Dietikon

Finally, more living space in the Dietikon area. placeB is opening a private storage room in Dietikon in the Silbern area, at Riedstrasse 10, directly opposite Media Markt. Until the official opening you can store for free at placeB.

Storage in Dietikon. Secure, clever, 24/7.

The new placeB storage site in Dietikon is accessible via the parking deck on the first floor and therefore has a covered area for loading and unloading. This allows you to load and unload your belongings no matter the weather. Your personal storeroom is located on the 2nd Floor and can be reached via a goods lift. In Dietikon storerooms of between 1 m3 - 50 m3 are planned. Your storeroom at placeB provides privacy, so it's not transparent, is clean, protected by an alarm, CCTV cameras and heated. The opening of our location in Dietikon is scheduled for spring 2017. If you have urgent space problems, for example, because your new home is not yet ready for you to move in or you need to store furniture, decor items, files, collections urgently, "construction site storage” is the answer: Contact us on 044 273 91 91 or via this form.

Why store at placeB?

There are many reasons to create more living: For example, renovations or moving to a new home can lead to a short-term space problem. What to do with your belongings and decor items? placeB provides a safe, fast and optimal solution to your space problem. With the placeB app, you book, manage and open your storage box so you can use it immediately after booking. It doesn’t require any key transfer or the like. You can also see how this works in our video tutorial.

Your leisure activities will also find a new home at placeB: You can store surfboards, golf equipment, collections and other hobby items at placeB. This way there’s more space in the home for living and your hobby equipment is always available quickly and easily.

Even companies, clubs and other organizations can benefit from the offer of extra space at placeB. By storing your files, folders and merchandise items in a Self-Storage unit, you can create productivity, order and efficient processes in your office or shop.