Now storage is also possible in Zurich Seefeld

Storage rooms for rent in Zurich Seefeld, at Dufourstrasse

Now storage is possible in Zurich Seefeld

You're looking for a place for your stuff in District 8? From now on you can rent a placeB storage room in Zurich Seefeld. The brand new self storage at Dufourstrasse offers storage boxes between 12 and 16m3.

Storage space for private individuals

The new storage units perfectly complement our network of storage facilities in Zurich. On the one hand, they are suitable for private individuals who, for example, live in Seefeld and have too little space for things they don't need every day: be it ski equipment, their grandmother's heirloom or toys they want to store. The storage units can be rented for a week or longer.

Archive or storage solution for companies

Of course, the dry and clean storage rooms are also suitable as an archive for companies or as a spare parts store for field staff. Of course it is, like all other placeB storehouses, accessible 24/7 via Smartphone App, whereby the tenant can grant his colleagues individual access authorizations.

Not suitable for bulky items

A restriction must be allowed to our new self storage: It is less suitable for storing a lot of bulky furniture. On the one hand, access to the storeroom in the 1st basement is via a staircase - there is NO elevator. On the other hand, the largest storage boxes, as mentioned above, are 16m3 in size. This size offers space for the contents of a 2 room apartment (see also our storage box size advisor). Of course you have the possibility to rent several storage rooms in Seefeld if you need more space. But if you don't want to do without the comfort of a goods lift, we recommend that you check whether another storage room in Zurich might be suitable for you.

Are all good things seven?

Perhaps. But that doesn't mean that placeB will leave it at the seven storage locations in Zurich. We are always looking for ways to expand our offering and get as close as possible to those who need more space for their lives.