Why storing? These are the reasons of our customers

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There are many reasons why someone rents a storage room. We have asked our customers what they actually use their storeroom for.

More than half of our storage renters move and need an interim solution for their needs. Others travel for some time abroad and need a safe and inexpensive place to store household goods and furniture. This group of customers appreciates the fact that they can rent a storage room from us at short notice and without complications, without having to sign a contract or hand over keys.

At the same time, we have noticed that more and more people using placeB as an additional cellar. These are people who, for example, practice a hobby or sport and have too little space for the equipment. They store skis, bicycles or model trains. Others have children and need more space for the younger ones. Or they simply don't have enough storage space for their collection, heirlooms or clothes. This group of customers particularly appreciates the fact that with placeB they have a warehouse nearby and can access it around the clock.

And then there are the companies or clubs that store files, sales material or tools and spare parts. This is because placeB is dry, safe and flexible. Depending on requirements, space can be rented or reduced. And thanks to the sharing function, the main tenant determines which colleagues receive access authorization.

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