Small furniture transports by app click

Furniture transport
Transport furniture by app click

Moving planned? No helpers and no vehicle at hand to transport the furniture? With the start-up Muvzilla you can book your small transport online. Similar to Uber, you select the pick-up and delivery location via your mobile phone and get the price displayed right away. Christian from Bern tried it out.

Christian has found his dream job! The 40-year-old from Bern is the new creative director of a marketing agency in Zurich. For this he is also ready for a move. The new flat in the old town is supposed to be a cosy retreat from his hectic professional life. At least that's the theory. However, the flat hunt turns out to be a tough one and it soon becomes clear that Christian has to make compromises. When he finally finds what he is looking for, the location is not quite as central and Christian has to settle for less space. When he moves in, he finds that the comfortable sofa that once invited him to linger in the reading corner takes up the entire room. And the two shelves that provided space for all the files and books no longer fit in the new home office.

Christian's new flat is simply too small and the room layout too compact for comfortable furnishing. Therefore, Christian decides to move out some pieces of furniture and old files. At the same time, he gets hold of a stylish, almost new armchair on tutti, which fits perfectly into the new reading corner.

Storing furniture at placeB

Christian doesn't want to sell the chill sofa and certainly doesn't want to scrap it. Without further ado, he rents a storage room at placeB. The advantage: the personal storage room is within walking distance of Christian's new flat and is accessible 24/7. So he still has access to his files at short notice. At the same time, he can also store his ski equipment and a few other things there. With fewer space-consuming items, the new home immediately looks tidier.

Transporting furniture with Muvzilla

Christian doesn't have time to pick up the armchair he bought on tutti himself. He also lacks a suitable vehicle. The digital removal service from Muvzilla comes just at the right time. Christian books the transport directly with his mobile phone via the Muvzilla app. The service can be called up at short notice and the costs are calculated directly and booked after delivery. Removal specialists take care of the safe transport of the newly acquired piece of furniture. From now on, Christian enjoys carefree reading pleasure in his armchair.

Our society is characterised by increasing mobility and the need to have everything available at the push of a button. What has long been standard for ordering a pizza or a taxi is now also establishing itself in the real estate and transport industry. The solutions from placeB and muvzilla enable simple and fast access to storage and transport services for furniture and other items.