How customers experience our Self Storage

placeB Team

The placeB team is amazed at a customer's movie

How our customers experience our Self Storage

This morning the whole company stood still for five minutes. All employees were amazed at the film and the poem that a customer produced about our Self Storage.

Of course we are happy when customers recommend placeB to others. We do our best every day to make storage easier for them and to offer them top service. But the "multimedia feedback" we received this morning simply amazed us. In rhyme form, a customer describes relocation situations in which he suddenly needs more space

The Film

The poem was just the beginning. The customer took the trouble to produce an entire film and explains how storage works at placeB. See for yourself:

youtube video

This is how our customers experience our Self Storage. All the better when a customer shares his experience with us.

Das ganze placeB-Team dankt Christian für die Mühe, die er sich mit diesem Film gemacht hat! Diese Art von Feedback motiviert uns sehr!