Material storage for a cleaning company

Lager für Putzfrauenvermittlung

An increasing number of companies use placeB storage rooms as archive or material storage. The advantage: The storage size can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of a dynamic business environment and access to the storehouse is guaranteed for authorized employees around the clock.

The company Putzfrauenvermittlung Zürich also benefits from the advantages of a placeB storage facility. We talked to the owner Monika Ursprung.

placeB: Who is "Putzfrauenvermittlung"? What is your service?

Monika Ursprung: "Putzfrauenvermittlung" was founded in 2004 and specialises in qualified cleaning for private individuals and companies.

What are your clients?

Mainly private households who would like to have a cleaning lady at home once a week or twice a month.

Why does the cleaning lady agency need the storerooms for? What do you store?

Since we also carry out final cleaning with a delivery guarantee, we also need cleaning material for it. This is stored with you.

What advantages does the storage box offer you?

The proximity was the reason why we came to you. But also otherwise, I find it a great advantage that everything is controlled via app and that I can, for example, make warehouse entries temporarily accessible to one person. Good thing!

Do several people access the storeroom? Is the sharing function used with which several people have access?

Surely. And as already mentioned, this is a big plus. No more handing around keys!

Thank you very much, Mrs. Ursprung, for your interview!