Ready, set, «Winti» - new storage rooms in Winterthur

Lagerraum mieten Winterthur Steigstrasse

Finally, the time has come! The Self-Storage Center in Winterthur Töss has finally opened. This way you can create more living space. Store all the clutter from your home in a renting private storage room - simple, clever and flexible.

Storage in “Winti” - let's go!

Our amazing green storerooms are located in this office and commercial building in Winterthur Töss at Steigstrasse 26. The storerooms are located in the fourth floor and are easily accessible via a large goods lift. All of our storerooms are non-transparent, to ensure privacy and are secured by an alarm. Therefore, placeB storage facilities are suitable to store furniture, recreational items or the belongings of companies and clubs.

The placeB app is your key to more storage

With the placeB app on your smartphone you can access your storage box, goods lift and building. The app allows you access to your storage box immediately after booking 24/7. How does it work? In this video , we'll show you how to easily book and open storage via the app. In addition, our app allows you to temporarily share access to your storage with others. So, you can give access to moving company, your family or friends to your storage box independently and without you being present.