Sale, Sale, Sale and everything new!

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In the middle of summer, you can get summer clothes and other summer equipment at bargain prices at retail stores. Have you gone a bit crazy with the shopping and now there's too little space in the closet? - We'll show you three points on how to keep your wardrobe clear despite the summer sale.

1. Avoid bad sales.

Everybody has them in the closet: Bad sales! Especially at sale times it can happen that you buy some mediocre clothing at a bargain price, then hang in the closet and ... never wear it. Avoiding bad sales is something you should avoid at all costs for the summer sale season! With these simple tips you can avoid bad sales during the summer sale season.

  • It doesn't fit anymore: Hands off! For the summer sale, the size range is usually somewhat limited. When seeing those tempting bargains, you soon think, “I'll lose a little weight” or “I can still sew it myself”. The fact is mostly that you never make the effort to make the clothing item fit. Something else to keep in mind for goods on sale: if it doesn't fit properly of if it pinches or itches don't buy it!

  • Stay true to your own style. If you are more of a sporty type you shouldn’t buy that elegant silk skirt, even if it’s a real bargain. Anyone who stays true to their style while shopping, does not backtrack on every summer trend, and always avoids bad sales.

2. What is not needed in the summer ... out!

There are few things that take up more space in a wardrobe than those warm winter fashions. In the summer we all hope that summer will never end and therefore the winter woolies can give way to the breezy summer items. For clothes that can only be worn seasonally, it makes sense to temporarily store them away from your wardrobe. If the stored winter clothes barely fit in your home, placeB has space for it. Unlike many basements, placeB storerooms are dry and warm. Moisture is the worst for storing clothes. For example, they start to become moldy in the damp basement and take on unpleasant odors. That's way, placeB storerooms are definitely better than the domestic basement. Here you can find seasonal storage for your clothes and give your wardrobe a breather!

3. Wardrobe hacks: This is how to tidy things up.

Even without the shopping tour during sale season, the wardrobe can be a bit messy. With the wardrobe hacks shown below, your wardrobe will be tidy again and the best summer outfits and matching accessories will always be within reach.

Use empty egg boxes, to store those stunning jewelry. If you feel like it, you can even paint it in a color you like.

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Source: IKEA USA

For those who just bought another stylish pair of sunglasses on sale: How about this storage method?

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Source: roomido

Storage boxes are ideal for tidying a wardrobe. .

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Source: NeatMethod

Now we hope that with these hacks your wardrobe will be nice and tidy again with plenty of room for your new summer fashion items at bargain prices. In that sense: Happy shopping!