A carry-on suitcase with a click-on laptop case


A carry-on suitcase with a click-on laptop case: this innovative piece of luggage was recently launched on the market by the Swiss brand Jey&em. In order to optimize the sales process, the company has rented a self storage facility at placeB. We spoke to CEO Marc Sapetti.

placeB: What is Jey&em luggage?

Marc Sapetti: Jey&em ONE is a smart carry-on luggage with the unique feature of having a click-on laptop case. It also has a power bank integrated and the Balance Tilt® technology. We have designed this luggage for the modern business traveler to make his travelling experience easier.

How does the sales process for your new product work?

We are an e-commerce brand. By selling online, we can offer fair prices for top quality. Before shipping, we personalize the bag with the customer's name. We then ship it with DHL to any location in Europe and the US.

What's placeB's role in this process?

We needed a storage solution to temporarily store the produced suitcases. The solution had to be flexible and adapt to our space requirements. On the one hand, we must always have our costs under control and, on the other hand, have sufficient capacity at all times to increase inventories. The advantage of placeB is the good accessibility f for large trucks, docking areas to unload containers, large lifts, etc.

What else is important to you during storage?

We have rented several compact storage boxes. This allows us to organize our goods methodically by colours and references, making it very easy and quick to access the products. This will be very helpful specially for the launch of Jey&em on the Indiegogo platform as it will help us be efficient when shipping the first orders.

Marc, thank you very much for the interview and good luck with your new suitcases. These will certainly be a success!

Jey&em stores at placeB