Video: We show you the inside of placeB

Rent storage space

With Agota Dimén, we visited a storage room in Zurich. Agota shows how to access the placeB storage facilities, how to open your box via the app and what our location on Hardturmstrasse looks like from inside. Watch the video now and discover placeB!

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Hardturmstrasse 175 - One of three storage locations in Zurich

This placeB is located directly in Hardturmstrasse. The entrance and reloading point is slightly towards the back on the right side of the building. The place B storerooms are located in the 3rd floor basement and are easily accessible by stairs or a goods lift. In addition to this location, you can store at two other locations in the Zurich city center. For example, at Hohlstrasse 192. This site is located in Hard (District 4) near Hardbrücke. The entrance, the reloading point and a large goods lift are located at the back of the building. As Agota has shown in the video, access can be easily controlled using the placeB app; you can even control the goods lift using the app on your smartphone. The placeB boxes are located at Hohlstrasse 175 on the first-floor basement and offer storage space from 1 m 3 to over 30 m3. Another placeB site is between Letzipark and Letzigrund Stadium, on Baslerstrasse 30 (Media campus), near the "SBB Werkstätte" bus stop of line 31. If you navigate to this site, use the address "Freihofstrasse 6". This will bring you closer to the site. The placeB boxes are also located here on the first-floor basement. A goods lift, and a reloading point are also available.

Everything is easily controlled by the app

As Agota has shown, at placeB you control everything via your smartphone. So, no extra keys on your keyring. The system does not need a batch or a key. Your smartphone is your key! Not only do you open your storage room via the app, you also use it to choose and book your placeB box. Simply download the app, register, select the storage space, enter the payment details and you're ready to store. You can see exactly how the registration works using the app by checking out this video.

With placeB you can store things that are important to you, but for which you don't have any space in your home, office, archive or shop, whether temporary or the long term. The placeB boxes offer storage space of between 1 m3 to more than 30 m3, i.e. space for a few boxes to the entire interior of a 4-bedroom apartment. You can rent your storage room for as little as a week to as long as you want. Your placeB box is dry, heated, and protected by an alarm and monitored by CCTV. So, can be sure that your beloved belongings will be safe and comfortable in their new home. Thanks to the app, placeB offers the smartest solution for Self-Storage. If you want to learn more about Self-Storage as a concept, read more here.

Extra tip: You can also give access to your placeB box to others. This means you can allow family, colleagues, etc. access to your storage. Using the app, you can choose who has access when and for how long.