Rent a storage room: introducing the new placeB app

Max introduces the new storage room app

Max is placeB's digital brain and co-developed the new self storage app. He explains why it makes sense for storage room tenants to install the application.

Max is the skipper of placeB's tech-ship. He keeps it fast and agile and simultaneously forms a valuable member of the placeB crew. Max’s declared goal: to develop the placeB technology so that in future it will not only allow storage room rental but can be used for a wide variety of products. For instance the possibility to introduce our system to letterboxes or marketplace terminals for online-shopping will be possible; placeB can develop from a pure self storage provider to a platform for the exchange and transaction of physical goods.

Max' latest coup: even easier access to storage space

Following our decision to improve our app in order to make storage access and administration even easier for our customers, Max got to work; together with our operations team, usability experts, graphic designers and technical engineers, he developed our new and shiny placeB-App 2.0.
In doing so, he faced the challenge of safeguarding continuity for our customers while completely replacing the codebase of our app systems.

The result of weeks of work is now ready. We asked Max what the new app can do and why it is worth downloading:

Why does placeB need a new app?

Max: We’ve been collecting feedback and learning from customer behaviour ever since we started and have been learning what works and what doesn’t. Considering these experiences we wanted to introduce our learnings into our app to address our customers needs; something we plan to do more in the future. The happier our customers are, the happier we are.

What's different with the new app than with the old one?

The biggest difference is the new “Cockpit” where you can see all the information about your box, contract, storage site in one overview. Additionally we’ve changed the error messages to be more precise; if something goes wrong, the user will see it immediately and understand what she needs to do to change it.

What changes for storage tenants?

More information. Clearer overview. Easier to use.

How do existing storage customers get to the new app?

The new placeB App is available in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

What happens if a customer does not download the new app?

For the time being, nothing. You can still access your storage with the old app. You will simply miss out on the features of the new app.

About Max:

Max has been in charge of Tech and Development at placeB since 2017. He really enjoys the challenge of introducing and testing new concepts in a growing market “to challenge the status quo and do things differently”. He relishes to think from a customer perspective and develop simple solutions.