Moving? Don't strain real friendships

Rent friends for moving - rent a friend

The next big moving date is coming soon. At the end of March thousands of tenants change their flats again. This also increases the fear of being asked by his friends via whatsapp if they already have something planned for the weekend.

In order not to put the friendships too much to the test and not to have to be available for the next move of the friends, the Startup Rent-A-Friend has developed a platform, which creates remedy.

Helpers by click

With the online service, relocation helpers can be booked quickly and at short notice. This relieves many friendships and avoids additional stress during the move.

Simply select the number of helpers needed and the duration of the move and enter the date, start time and meeting point. Done. No selection of helpers or additional coordination of working time or salary is necessary. Rent-A-Friend does all this together with its service providers.

No undeclared work

The helpers employed for the move are employed in accordance with the law and are covered by accident and social insurance.

Short-term sharing of access to the storage room

Have you rented a storage room for your removal goods at placeB? Access by app allows you to give your rented friends temporary access so that you don't have to be present when your belongings are stored. Simply log in to our app and enter the mobile phone number or e-mail address of the authorized person under "Share access". You can determine how often and for how long someone may enter your box.

And when the rented friends have finished moving, you can invite your real friends to toast the new apartment.