Video: How to find the perfect storage room

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An important question in the context of Self Storage is: How much space do I need and which is the right storage room for me? With this video tutorial you will find the perfect placeB box to store your favourite items.

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Step 1: What do you want to store?

What you want to set is very central for the size of your storage space. For example, if there are a few boxes with small things, then one of our smaller boxes is sufficient. Our S3 box size, for example, offers about 3 m3 (cubic metres, not square metres!) of space, which is sufficient for some boxes or a smaller piece of furniture. If you want to store several pieces of furniture, we recommend a larger box, for example the type M12. This storage room offers about 12 m3 space. Our box L30 offers 30 m3 space and is already a very large unit. The contents of a larger apartment can easily be stored here. Details about the dimensions of our storage rooms can be found on our storage box size advisor.

Experience has shown that most people overestimate their space requirements. It is best to make a list of the things you would like to add. You then place these objects in your mind (or on a piece of paper) in an imaginary space. Important considerations: What do I disassemble into individual parts (e.g. cupboard) and what can I stack (boxes, chairs)? The whole thing is reminiscent of a Tetris game. So you can quickly find your way around and recognize the required length and width of the storage space. Based on this information you can then choose the right storage space size. This first step is already the most difficult. If you need help with this, the professionals from the placeB team will of course always be at your side. Send us your list of things to store by email ( or simply call us: 044 273 91 91. We are always there for you.

Step 2: How often do you visit your Self Storage Box?

There are people who practically never visit their storage room. For example, if someone leaves their home for a year and stores their furniture with us. In this case it makes sense to fill the storage room as full as possible. But if you plan to visit your box regularly and want to take your items in and out, you need air to breathe. In addition, some additional space in your storage room is also useful, so that you can move freely and find your items quickly and easily or adjust them again.

PS: We are always looking forward to your visit! Your Self Storage Box at placeB is accessible for you 24/7. The free placeB app on your smartphone is the key to the building and your box. You also have the possibility to give other people like family, friends or business partners access to your storage space. You can do this quickly and easily via your user account.

Step 3: Do you have any questions or would you like to see the possibilities on site?

Do you still have questions? - Then don't hesitate to contact us via live chat on our website or by phone (044 273 91 91). We will be happy to help you find the right size for your placeB box. If you would like to view your storage space on site, we will be happy to give you a tour of the desired location. Sometimes the dimensions can be better estimated live than on paper.