What to do with all the kids' stuff? Put into storage?

mamarocks tests storage room

What if the apartment bursts at the seams? What to do with the children's clothes that are too small for the older one but do not yet fit the younger one? What should happen to the travel cot, which is only needed twice a year? Not to mention the beautiful wooden toys you want to keep for your grandchildren?

Many urban families ask themselves these questions - especially in the age of dense living. That's why a mother and blogger asked if she would like to test "Self Storage" as a solution to such problems. Deborah regularly posts contributions on her blog "mamarocks" on the subject of "being a parent".

In fact, Deborah and her husband had already thought about an external storage room before our request. However, they were always in the country or in the suburbs and very difficult to reach by public transport. This was impossible for the family without a car.It is different with the centrally located Self Storages of placeB. For the blogger, two of the five storage centers in Zurich within walking distance in question. Deborah didn't think long and agreed.

For over two months now she has been storing various things at placeB. She tests a storage box and its digital access from the customer's point of view and describes her customer experience in her blog. Her conclusion? Read it yourself!