How to find the right storage space size

Rent storage space

Step 1: What do you want to store?

The things you want to store determine the size of your storage space. For example, if you only want to store a few boxes with small things, one of our smaller storage boxes will be enough. For example, our type S3 storage box size offers about 3 m3 (cubic meters, not square meters!) of space. It has enough space for a few boxes or small pieces of furniture. If you want to store several pieces of furniture, we recommend bigger storage, for example type M12. This storage box offers around 12 m3 of space. Our L30 box offers 30 m3 of space and is quite a large storage unit. The contents of a larger home will easily fit in here. Details about the dimensions of our storage boxes can be found on our website , or on our app.

Experience has shown that most people overestimate their space requirements. It's best to make a list of the things you want to store. You then keep these items in mind (or on a sheet of paper) in an imaginary space. It is important to consider what you can dismantle (e.g. cupboard) and what you can stack (boxes, chairs). It's almost like a game of Tetris. This way you can quickly find your way around and imagine the required length and width of the storage space. Our storage box size guide can be a valuable tool in this process. Based on this information, you can then select the appropriate size of the storage space. This step is also the most difficult. Of course, if you need help with that, the professionals from placeB will gladly assist you. Send us your list of items to be stored by email ( or call us on 044 273 91 91. We are always there for you.

Step 2: How often do you visit your self-storage container?

To decide how large the storage space should be, you should also consider how often you go to your box. Some people practically never visit their storage. For example, if someone leaves home for a year and stores the furniture with us. In this case, it makes sense to make the most of the storage by filling it as far as possible. But if you are planning to visit your storage regularly and always want to remove or insert items, then you will need air to breathe. In addition, some extra space in your storage is handy to move around freely and find your things quickly and easily or to put them back.

PS: We look forward to your visit! Your self-storage box at placeB is accessible 24/7. The free placeB app on your smartphone is the key to the building and your storage. In addition, you can give access to your storage to other people such as family, friends or business partners. This is easily and quickly determined by your user account.

Step 3: Where are the storage facilities?

placeB's storage facilities are all centrally and conveniently located. You can rent placeB storage at any of our locations and so expand your storage:

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Which location is right for you depends, for example, on your arrival time or the availability of your desired storage space.

Step 4: Do you have any more questions, or would you like to see the facilities on site?

Any more questions? - Then do not hesitate to contact us in Live Chat on our website or by phone (044 273 91 91). We are happy to help you find the right size for your placeB Box. If you would like to see your storage space on site, we'd be happy to give you a tour. Sometimes it is even better to estimate the dimensions in person than on paper.