Man Cave - How to make room for a man cave

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They appear in many Hollywood movies: The man cave. A place barred from the ladies and where guys can do guy stuff. We believe you can also create a "woman cave", though. So, why not create a man cave or a woman cave and add more living space?

What is a man cave?

A man cave is admittedly a somewhat sexist concept. The term "man cave", which is widely used in English-speaking countries, is a metaphor for a room in which "boys will be boys" without any female influence. It can be the garage, basement or hobby room of the house. The term was coined in 1993 in John Gray's book Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus, according to, and since then has appeared repeatedly in series and Hollywood films. For example, in the famous 90s TV series Friends, in which Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing celebrate their room as a "man cave". These man caves can look very different from each other. If you google "man cave" you'll find images of huge basements with billiards, video games, bars and much more. The website proudly names 16 different things the ultimate man cave just must have. These include, for example, a fitness machine, stereo and darts. The man cave typically seems to be a kind of recreation room where big boys can let off steam. But there are also other kinds of man caves. These can be a kind of office, gym or a hobby basement for craftsmen. Depending on space and interests, these retreats are designed in a variety of ways.

Why not also a "woman cave"?

It's long been proven that women can do anything men can - that's why: Why not create a "woman cave"? Unlike a man cave, the woman cave is not yet an established concept, but we can try to do just that. The woman cave as a counterpart to the man cave would accordingly be a room in which women can be among themselves. Google also knows an answer to what "woman caves" may look like. Unfortunately, these rooms always portray some shade of pink. Enough with the stereotyping!

Even if you're not particularly fond of the idea of a pink basement, it is still nice to have a room in the home in which you can retreat, invite friends or just relax. That's certainly true no matter what your gender! Self-Storage can help create more space for such a retreat in which you can indulge at home.
This is how we do it

Creating a space where you can relax, in the first instance, requires one thing: space. Before turning your garage, attic or current clutter room into an inviting woman or man cave, you first need to clear it out. Decide what items, boxes of memories, books, etc. to throw away and which you still want to keep. Things you really want to keep, but now have to make way for your woman or man cave, can easily be stored in placeB's storerooms. There are a few things to keep in mind when storing your belongings though.

  • General: The things you want to store are crucial for determining what size storage space at placeB you require. If you are not sure about the required space, we'd be happy to assist. Simply use the contact form below!
  • Generally, you can pack your personal belongings in cardboard or plastic boxes. To ensure that nothing is lost during transport, always tape up the boxes with adhesive tape.
  • Wash and dry garments and textiles before storing them, preferably in plastic containers. That will protect them from moisture and dust.
  • If you want to store a piece of furniture, it is advisable to dismantle it, if possible. This will save space in your placeBox and also make transport easier. In addition, it's a good idea to attach the screws and small parts of your furniture directly to the furniture.

Now we hope you have great fun creating your woman or man cave! Just make space, store and go!